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Have you ever thought of a great idea for the internet and thought to yourself “If I do that I’ll be a millionaire in no time”. It is possible and many people have the same thoughts but few venture to bring such a dream to fruition. The reality is that it's not too difficult to have your own internet business.

The shame about it is that it is possible, I mean look at the trading figures for 2006. According to IMRG ((Interactive Media in Retail Group) we spent over £30bn for goods and services in the internet. Over the past 10 years the growth of the internet has been phenomenal, so much so that a greater number of people are setting up internet businesses. Of course not having to pay out for rent and rates and staff and stock makes it a lot easier for a start up. Let’s take a look at it.

Have a business plan

Plan your websiteYou really ought to have a business plan although I know that many a business is started on just a hope and a prayer and the owner just wings it with gut feelings. I know many a person who have done that and been very successful. However if you can prepare a plan … all the better to know your target market, build a good website that should have about 15 pages and be succinct and make interesting reading. Have full control of the stock you are marketing, also you should have good blogger coverage for your website to encourage Google to put you on to page one for whatever service or commodity you are offering

Finding a unique niche

This is the most difficult of all challenges; to find something that no one else is offering, that has to be extremely difficult. If you cannot find a unique niche then perhaps you can find one being offered by someone else but they are not doing a good enough job with it. The fact remains that if you do have a genuinely unique niche you can be a millionaire inside your first year. Remember you can be offering commodities or a service, or just offering information. The world is your oyster as the saying goes.


Ideally you do not want to rely on any financial help for a percentage share of your business. Setting up a business on the internet is so much cheaper than the traditional method of having to have business premises. It wonderful don’t you think that your entire business premises is your computer or laptop. No rent … rates … electricity … staff and you don’t even have to carry any stock if you play your cards wisely. If you’re selling articles then all you need is the source of a wholesale supplier or a manufacturer and purchase the stock after you have sold it on your website. Just be cunning and use your brain and you will eventually find the financiers banging on your door begging you to take some investment from them for a pittance in return whereas if it was the other way, say you going to them cap in hand for help to get started up they would insist on a fair sized chunk of your business and be very difficult to detach from after you find success.

Your website

Personally I would advise that you find a good tutor and build your own website although I must emphasize that it is not necessary to know how a website functions on the internet. It’s just that if you built your own you would be so much closer to it’s success and be able to analyse what it’s lacking if it’s not performing well. If you went to buy one expect to pay a lot of money for it. I mean if you were offered a website for about £500 it would have to be from a person who is not deeply immersed in the workings of the internet . Think about it … you could after a week’s lesson probably knock up the same quality. So what I’m writing is, if you’re buying your website then find a reputable firm that has a reputation for building successful sites but I still say I would prefer to learn how to do my own … your choice.


Now for me this is the most important part of your internet business. Ordinary businesses, like shops, have shop window and people who are passing by can have a look at what you are offering. You don’t have people walking by your website or even walking into your shop. You are just a website and unless you get the message out there that your website exists then you are just voice in the wilderness. A website built and launched is like placing a flea onto an elephants back. It is a massive job but you have to bring your website to the attention of the windpw
Google has a system called pay per click where you agree with them that they will project your website to the public and each person who clicks onto your domain because of their endeavour will cost you an agreed fee. This is very popular although I have tried it and I wasn’t too happy and found it to be very expensive. Then you have companies who specialise in promoting websites. They are generally known as Search Engine Optimization experts (SEO). If you shop around you might find one that is quite reasonable. The thing that bothered me when I used one is that I are paying out what they are asking for and I could not physically see what I was paying for, and some of the stuff they say they are doing can go way above your head. That’s why I feel you should build your own website and get to know how it works.

Customer transactions

You will have to ensure that you can handle all credit card transactions. I recommend you use PayPal. I honestly believe they are the best on the internet. Make sure it is fast and easy for you customers to make their purchase and then get the goods sent out to them the same day. You should always give a money back guarantee because it will put your customer at ease and they will be more enthusiastic when buying from you.

No surrender

You are about to set out on a business journey that will really try your patience and there will be many a time when you will feel like giving up. I used to advertise various services in a magazine and if I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for then I would tweak the wording of the advertisement until I got the desired reaction.. A website is much the same. Bend it and shape it until it starts to pay, until you feel you cannot take any more money in from it … but never … ever … give up.

Building and promoting a website

If you want to have your own internet business and learn about building websites and promoting them then I would recommend you look
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Good luck

Tommy Stuart


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