Work the Internet Successfully

Work The Internet Successfully

So you drag yourself out of bed at 7am, still dog tired from the night before, wishing you had declined the last couple of drinks you were tempted with; but the conversation was good, everyone was talking about what was on television the night before, particularly about the young millionaires who made pots of money because they knew how to work the internet successfully.

At the end of the evening you left your friends and headed for home seriously thinking to learn how to work the internet with The Wealthy Affiliates University since they were the tuition course mainly recommended to you.

You have a shower, get dressed, have breakfast and get down to the bus stop by 8am, where the queue is quite long and you start to  wonder if there will be enough room for you to get on the bus when it arrives.
You just manage to squeeze on the bus, and so starts the three quarter hour journey into the city whilst you are thinking to yourself what you could do with the weekly seven and a half hours you have to spend travelling to and from work, being jostled with people getting on and off the bus, and having your toes occasionally stamped on.

When you arrive at your bus destination, you then have the ten minute dash to the office where you will be expected to start by 9am prompt, and not leave before 5pm, with half an hour for a quick bite at lunch time. This routine happens five times a week and you are beginning to wonder if there is a better life out there … somewhere … anywhere … and your still thinking “I just have to get an online job, but where do I start? I have to learn how to work the internet successfully.”

I personally have an online job … I awake about 9 am and by the time I get up it's 9.30am. After sprucing myself up and getting dressed I sit down to have some breakfast and watch the news on television; I then put a coat on and take Humphrey, my pet Bichon Frise for his first walk of the day.Humphrey

By 11.30am I sat down to my computer and started work checking up on what had transpired in the past 24 hours and how much I had earned while I slept. No hassle … no rush. At 3pm I received a phone call from one of my friends, “Would I like to join him on the golf course at 3.30,” I agreed and decide to call it a day … He and I work on the internet as affiliate marketers … with plenty of spare time …and no bus crushing time wasting rides for us. The reality is that I can earn in one day what an ordinary working person earns in a week and I usually only work a few hours.

You can join us if you like … Click here for a free trial run.

Anyone can get an online job as an affiliate, or indeed they can work if they like in any other capacity on the internet; all they have to do is get the necessary training and there is no better organisation in the world to supply that than The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) who are based in Canada. Believe me when I write I have research them thoroughly, but for your own peace of mind just type anywhere into the internet “The Wealthy Affiliate University” and see the hundreds of fantastic reports … they are the very best.

If you started looking at online jobs at home and actually decided to start one, it would change your life to one that will allow you to begin thinking that there is a chance you can achieve your wildest dreams … how much will it cost you to become an expert internet marketer … I'm sure you will find this hard to believe … a paltry £29 per month. You also get the use of a fabulous selection of internet tools that the university provide; here I might add this selection of web-tools is awesome … the best selection on the internet.

There is no contract and you can stop any time you like if you are dissatisfied … they know that and so obviously they make sure you are very satisfied … but I am so convinced you will just love it that I am going to allow you to commence as a full member FREE OF CHARGE and remain so until you can SEE what excellent value you will receive before you decide whether to join us on a more permanent basis.

I mean just look at what the students in the UK are compelled to pay to go to university and when they leave they usually take with them an enormous debt. You pay the WAU approximately £29 per month, and by the third month I assure you will have enough knowledge to begin to earn profit, so you will be earning as your learning and your course will be costing you nothing … not a bean … as a matter of fact you should now be in profit every month and growing.

An average person takes home a weekly wage of about £350 per week; the young millionaires I was writing about at the beginning of this article take home an unbelievable $100,000.00. If you don't believe LOOK FOR YOURSELF … why should they lie?

I would also like to draw another comparison between going to university in the UK and studying for, and learning how to get an online job by training with the WAU. Compare the number of people who have become millionaires through working on the internet. Usually you have to be an old man if you become a millionaire through work that's come from an ordinary university education … millionaire status can happen to you at any age whilst working through the internet.

The Wealthy Affiliate University has just about the best attended forum on the internet; so if you take advantage of my offer that you can become a full member FREE OF CHARGE then you can ask the pupils in person who participate from every corner of the world. Oh by the way … after you have taken the free membership offer and seen for yourself what a great offer this is if you become a full member then it will cost you a measly £29 per month and you can cancel any time you like.

Come with me and work the internet successfully.

Tommy Stuart

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