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I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) who are based in Canada and are reputedly the very best tutors of internet expertise because I wanted to learn about website promotion. It's called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

At this moment The Wealthy Affiliate University have a FREE TO JOIN deal going. In essence their offer means that I could join without putting a penny down and see the quality of the tuition they had to offer before deciding if I want to be a more permanent student.

When you consider that my wife and I have a debt management company and only three months previous to joining the WAU my wife paid out £6,000.00 for SEO work on one of our websites, the result was pathetic in that we got absolutely no enquiries from it whatsoever. If then I had had SEO knowledge I could have saved all that money.

That was the reason why I decided to become a member of WA and learnSuccess personally about website promotion. Not only do I benefit with the free offer but I also get  a fantastic insight about the standard internet tuition and get to know what we would be paying for, but I slready know I would learn to save thousands of pounds for my company.

I mean, despite the fact that my wife and I are – I think – astute business people, basically we had little knowledge of what to expect when we handed over our £6,000.00. Makes me wonder if once I have been educated by WA and then have the knowledge of how to promote websites will I be in a position to charge what we were charged … £6,000.00 … and promote various company websites … and how many could I do at one time?

The annoying factor was that the Webmaster who did our website … for want of a better expression … told us he would create and link to our website certain keywords .… keywords are the particular words that people would use to type into a Search Engine to find a specific company or service, and that this would bring our website to their attention, hopefully on the first page. This is known as Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Now I have had the chance to study with the Wealthy Affiliate University I now know that the keywords he was using were really not the sort a person would ordinarily type into the internet to try and find us, and so we got no visitors whatsoever; but he, the webmaster, felt justified in keeping our money because the specific silly keywords he chose did bring our website up when typed into Google.

But think about it … if you were to promote your website to Google …by attaching to it keywords that no person in their right mind would ever use, if anyone then having been told what the special useless keywords were then typed them into a search engine then of course the words would bring the linked website up because you are the only one out of trillions of people who will know to use them.

I mean if you created a word … say XYQLXYING … and linked it or associated it to a specific website, then if a person typed into the Google search engine XYQLXYING of course it would bring up that specific website at the very top of the only page … but … oh heck … we all know that is never going to happen and that only you andnot the general public would have the power to bring up the page.

So I thought to myself … That’s it! Instead of paying for any other so called SEO expert at £6,000.00 a pop, I'll learn about website promotion (SEO) and do it all myself. That way I get to learn how to promote websites and numerous other aspects of working within the internet. I will have gained knowledge that I could then put to good use in perhaps trading within the internet and never ever have to pay another so called Webmaster again.

Also LOOK AT THE SAVING. It's like I get to have all the education and put about £5500 back into my pocket. Well … you know what I mean.

Incidentally I have to mention here that The Wealthy Affiliate University at this moment in time are offering a free trial course that will give you an excellent insight into their teachings before you join them proper … if you like what you see and experience … why dont you click here and give them a try?

Whilst in the past trying to learn how to promote a website from books I bought I have found it to be extremely tedious and difficult to comprehend, in particular not having anyone to ask for help made matters worse. This time however it’s different because if I get stuck I can ask my tutors and I always get a comprehensible answer … in fact I am taught everything any person would ever need to know to earn a good living in the internet, if they so wished.

To have an internet company host your website/s can cost you about £10 per month yet with this course you can host as many websites as you want on their server for no extra charge. You can also use their fantastic arsenal of web tools … quite fantastic and all inclusive with them teaching you how to use them.

And I repeat myself here … but what the heck it's worth it …

To give you the opportunity to see all of what I have explained first hand they (WAU) will also allow you to join up with all full member privileges FREE OF CHARGE and when you are completely happy with what you learn there you can become a permanent member for as little as £29 per month. Absolutely fabulous value.

So there you have it, I suppose you know that the easiest bit of creating a website is … creating the website … the hardest bit and most important bit is how to promote the website and they do a fabulous job of teaching you all about that at the WAU.

When you join WAU to promote websites or simply to learn the internet and like many before you, how to make a good living from working on the internet, you will find it very self satisfying and really a lot of fun. You can study as fast or as slow as you want, no one will try and rush you.

There is just one more thing I would like to mention which I think expresses the confidence the owners have at the WAU. They don't stitch you up with a contract and have you have to pay for a year up front. You pay for one month at a time and you can stop whenever you want … so you see … they have to deliver the goods … and what about this cherry on the cake … you can take a free test drive with absolutely no conditions whatsoever. If you like it … stay … if you don't then what have you lost – Nothing!Working on the beach

One last thing … You can genuinely earn in excess of £1000,00 every week working in Cyberspace … where is Cyberspace? It's in your computer … Where is your computer? Anywhere in the world you want to be … New York … Las Vegas … Singapore … just draw your profit out of a hole in the wall and see the world.

Tommy Stuart

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