A great number of people before you have decided to want to work in the internet and given up. It is a fact that everyone who has been successful in creating a fortune in the internet had first of all to be taught by someone. They didn’t just sit down and look at the internet and have a trial and error go at it, no, they had to be taught and your dilemma is who are you going to get to teach you and are you going to aim for a specific department of expertise within the net.

Blackboard of StudiesYou could train to become a specialist as an affiliate which is basically selling an article or information on behalf of another party settling for a share in the profit. The upside is that you usually won’t have to build a website in that often the principal party will allow you to have a website that they already have set up. There are however two downsides which are that the principal will usually get more profit than you and they will build a list with all the domains from the sales that are presented to them and so can go back in to the list in their own time and sell to them once or twice again this time keeping all the profit. You have to understand that putting together a list of names and emails is a major factor for successfully working within the internet.

And if you want to work in the internet you might prefer to go down a different route because you have a rather unique niche you want to market and you believe there is an opening for it on the internet. There’s been many a millionaire established this way. Your only problems are that you have to learn to build a good website, moreover you have to learn exactly what has to go into it so as it will please Google and other search engines when it’s launched and scanned and that is not easy; for that reason you would also have to study Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is a specialist field it its own right so as you know how to promote your website and hopefully get it onto page one. Then you would have to know what do you do if you get it wrong as is the case most times. Many people are under the disillusionment that it order to sell on the internet all they have to do is build the website, launch it onto the internet and then sit back and count the money coming in. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And how gut wrenching it is after putting all the hard work into building the website to have to walk away and leave it which is so often the case. There are thousands of people out there in the world who have tried and given up never to try again. Their attitude usually is they tried and so because “they” tried and failed it’s impossible.

There is a lot of luck involved that you get the website right first time and that you have tuned it just right and so Google dances with you. The other side is that you refuse to give in, that if others have made it before you then you WILL success. The truth is that you will probably need both luck and a lot of tenacity.

There are a good number of organisations in the world in the internet that profess to have the expertise to teach you what you want and need to know. Some are good and obviously there are those that are not so good; some are expensive and some give you good value for your money. I have tried a few and I think I struck it lucky with my last choice which is The Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with them for three years now although I must admit I have not been studying anywhere near as hard as I ought. I was involved in another business and so I just let them teach me how to build websites which I used for the business, but now I have come back with a different mindset and a determination to succeed within the internet.lesson time

I could write a few thousand words about The Wealthy Affiliate but maybe another time. Suffice to state that they are pretty thorough and that they give – in my opinion – good value for money. I mean you can start learning with them totally free of charge and only if you like what you experience would you go on to a higher level and pay their fees which are $47.00 per month or $359.00 for the year. I would like to point out here that they will train you to be an affiliate for their organisation and pay excellent commissions. For each person you bring onboard you get $22.50 if they pay monthly or $175.00 if they pay annually. You must admit thats very generous commission.

In closing I must mention that they have thousands of students and they have a forum where you can communicate with each other in real time which is great when you’re working on something and you want a quick answer to your problem so as you can move on with what you are doing and get it done.

Best wishes to you and your adventure you are about to take. If I can ever be of any help to you please give me a shout. In the meanwhile if you would like to have some free lessons click here.

Tommy Stuart

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