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It’s true … isn’t it?  No matter how you put it … If you were to offer to show people the way of earning a mega living; to understand the internet and to  sit relaxed at home sat in front of a computerwhilsy earning £5,000 – £10,000 eavery week, only a few will take it on and the majority will say … “NO! I'm happy with what I'm doing.  Where's the catch?

That probably is what they’d say … or “rubbish … nobody can earn that amount of money every week just working on the Internet.”  What I say is “small minds make for small earnings.”

How crazy life can be and crazier still the way people deal with it. You can say to a person … “What would you rather do … work three hours a day … stay at home … be your own boss and collect £1,000 to £10,000 every week, or go and work in an office environment and get paid £350 each week?”

Absolutely 99% of all you speak to will say “Don’t ask daft questions, of course I would take the £1000 to £10,000 every week job. Yet when it get’s right down to it and say, “okay I'll show you where you can learn to earn that kind of weekly money … when would you like to start?” what do they do? … Yes! Correct. They run a mile in the opposite direction to you and they go out get a job and collect their £350.00 per week. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! And if they get sacked they immediately go looking for another boss.

I could write a great long list of reasons why people behave in such a bizarre manner. I could give you at least 20 reasons; maybe even 30 as to why they remain doing what they told you they really don’t want to do, and carry on slaving for some rich boss who one day can turn round and say “I don’t need you any more,” and try and justify the years you've work for him with a “Sorry here's a bit parting cash.”

I'm not trying to sell you one of those daft guaranteed £10,000 per week  “copy me jobs” I'm offering you a way to learn how to do all that sort of stuff for yourself on the Internet and to prove my sincerity I will allow you to commence the course absolutely free of charge.

Incidentally when I joined I was earning more than the tuition was costing me after only 3 months. So give it a try … you have only everything to gain and now nothing to lose .

After you join us with the free offer, if you like what you see and decide to become a student it will cost you a miserable £30 per week and you can learn to thoroughly understand the internet through The Wealthy Affiliate University; an online Internet university course that trades from Canada. You can take the course at your own speed and if there is anything you don’t understand you can have one 2 one tuition until you really understand what it’s all about.

thinkWithin this course they have a forum where students from every corner of the world with internet learning problems help each other out, creating a great friendly environment and making new friends.  You don’t even have to have pre academic qualifications of any kind … the only aptitude you need is to try and break through the reality barrier and to SEE what a great life style you could enjoy with just a little study.

Tell yourself … why should I work for a boss and make him rich when I can do it for myself. You know the famous expression …”I think, therefore I am.” You have a better chance of becoming a millionaire if you “THINK” you can do it and take on this course.

Computers and the Internet are the greatest inventions in your life time and there is nothing to compare with the speed of their evolvement; so get yourself into one of the driving seats and join me. No need to give up your boring mundane job because you can run this alongside what you’re doing until the earnings overtake what you are taking home now. (That won't be so difficult) Have a read at what some people have written about their experience with The Wealthy Affiliate University … and remember this … you can stop any time you want to and for that very reason the university owners know they have to put on a good show.

Don’t wait until your boss sacks you … plan your future with meticulous calculated care … I mean we are looking at your life here! Within one year you will have all the expertise you need to live anywhere in the world, earning way above what you are receiving now … Become the master of your own destiny with no boundaries as to what you can achieve, get to understand the internet.

Where is there a business you can start with a miserly monthly payment of £30 … a business as exciting as getting to really understand Cyberspace where young people before you have entered and become mega millionaires in the shortest time imaginable?  You've found it … now don't waste it.

Click here for a free tour and join me.

Tommy Stuart

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