Trade the Internet From Home

You can trade the internet from home but only if you want to; the apathy of the human race does not surprise me anymore.  Let me give you two examples.

I know two guys who cannot go out to work because of health problems and one of them is particularly desperately short of money.

The first one … the one who is desperately short of money … he was once an astute businessman. He owned six large shops in various places in the UK; a business he had started from scratch. He drove a Rolls Royce car, flew his own plane and lived in a lovely house. What a flamboyant person he was with a wife … and ahem … a regular girl friend … he gave the impression of being a real powerful man with impressive energy.

Then as luck would have it, the particular type of business he was in changed dramatically and went out of fashion,  subsequently he was compelled to close all his stores and open up a different type of store, building bespoke computers; it was a runaway success. Alas as more and more similar type businesses opened up his profits diminished and yet again he had to close his business … but this time was the last business he would ever own.

He became seriously ill and as a result had to have half of one of his legs amputated

He now sits at home all day and every day watching television. Despite the fact that I have told him time and time again about the free lessons he can have and if he likes what he sees then he can join The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) and how he can trade the internet from home and the absolute pleasure one can derive from working at building your own websites and learning internet trading, he will not even go and look at it.

I have told him of how he can earn the money he is so desperate for, working on the internet at his own pace … sat in the comfort of his own home … but I cannot infuse him with enthusiasm … I tell him of the actual pleasure one can derive from internet marketing and how he could create a business that could now be opened to the whole world 24 hours every day … he doesn't want to know. How frustrating … it’s the old story … you can take a horse to water …..

I suppose the lesson here is not to become frustrated trying to enthuse “couch potatoes” to join us, but  to put the word out to as many people as possible about the potential for success within the environment of The Wealthy Affiliate University ...  to find those who can see the whole picture in their imagination and instantly want to join us.  Let's leave the wallowers to do their wallowing in front of their televisions for the rest of their lives.

I mean …

  • Where else can you start a course of lessons about joining an exciting business that will set you up for life, giving you free lessons to start you off so as you know precisely what a good deal you will have? You can have a free website and host it on their server and they will teach you to a standard where you have full knowledge of what online trading is all about when you can – if you wish – upgrade and pay a small monthly fee that you can earn back with your new knowledge.
  • Where else can you start a course of lessons where inside the first 3 months they have taught you how to now earn more than your course is costing you?
  • Where else can you start a course, that when completed you can work in cyberspace earning upwards of £1000 every week,  and enjoy a  life in any country in the world or move around spending time in different countries in  the world whilst earning a good living … because all your business is carried out in the internet which can be accessed from any laptop … anywhere?

I can go on and on and on with many more “Where else's” …………  Nuff said when I write that with this type of business, taught by WAU, the sky for success and ambition is truly the limit … anything is possible.

My other friend who sits and watches television every day is getting fatter and unhealthier with absolutely nothing to look forward to. This friend is truly confined to his home because of his health but can walk about unaided and can take his dog for a walk … if he feel the inclination to do so … he previously worked  in the upper echelons of the financial world.

Again this is a chap with a very good brain … well educated and who would do phenomenally well working as an internet trader … but can I get him to join up … No! Apathy has well and truly set in.

I personally think that every human has to have something that brings a bit of excitement into their everyday life  and for me to trade the internet from home certainly does that, and as previously explained, if you feel that you might want to  join our university course then if you click here you can have a free sample of what it's all about.

So as you have just read …  for some people … and I am not referring to old people … their lives are over … living walking incurable zombies.

YOU … on the other hand … if you are looking for a truly wonderful exciting ever entertaining vocation where you can genuinely perchance become a millionaire … grab this opportunity … grab this offer of  free lessons and live your dream; you may never for the rest of your life receive such a life changing offer.

Tommy Stuart