The House Cleaning Business

The House Cleaning Business

The house cleaning business must be one of the oldest businesses in the world yet strangely enough one of the easiest to get started in; properly that is!  If you look in Google foe example you will see it is bursting with advertisements.House cleaning

If you decide to go down this route you have to be methodical; sit back and put a few essentials in order first.

1.You need to have a website to capture all the local business.
2.Probably you will be using your home address and mobile phone.
3. You should have a good business card.
4. You want to have insurance in case you break any valuables
5. You need transportation
6. You need to buy in all the cleaning bits and pieces – dusters-vacuum cleaner etc.
7. Make sure you have the proper attire.
8. A leaflet showing your hourly rate.

Advertising with your own website and using postcards and placing them in shop windows should get you busy enough to started.

As the potential clients contact you, you will have to arrange to visit their homes to have a look at the work needed and to negotiate the days and hours of the work and agree a price per hour. You could also include a full laundry service – washing and ironing – or start it up as a separate business such as many people do.

When pricing up an hourly rate you have to take into consideration the fact that you will eventually step back from doing the cleaning personally to employing your own cleaner.

For this reason with regards to how much you will have to charge you have to take into consideration that eventually you will stop doing the cleaning personally and take on the role of employer and so the hourly rate you will have to charge will be  for your cleaner and a payment for yourself.  For example, in the UK you could charge the client £15 per hour; £10 for your cleaner and £5 for yourself.

Make sure when you just start, keep your cleaning jobs as near to each other as possible to minimise travel time and for economy.

It would be a good idea to prepare a mini- contract for each job. After negotiating with your client you could simply fill in the hours, the days and the hourly rates for each job. Also an invoice which you could submit to the client at the end of each week.

Any problems give me a call.

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Good luck

Tricky Tommy

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