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The truths about life is that some people are born and die and in between they do absolutely nothing with their lives. If you were to put this fact to one of these people, say a mature man standing in his favourite pub pursuing his favourite pastime he would say … “So what!”

My father was like that, and his three brothers. They were all grafters and seldom had a day’s sickness yet all they wanted to do was to work … collect their pay and have a BIG drink at the weekend and back to the grind stone on Monday. If you asked any of them “What’s your ambition?” They’d say something like “To win the lottery.” I mean what a pity for a person to live and die and try to achieve … NOTHING …  moreover not even to have the vision to see that there is anything worth achieving. My father didn’t even go out and try to achieve a driving license and so never drove a car and only flew in a aeroplane once and never boarded a cruise liner.

But then I suppose it can be argued that he was a happier person than one who slaves all his life to achieve an ambition and dies failing to achieve it. I mean he, my father, just strolled through every day wanting nothing more than his pay on Friday and his beer at the weekend.

I personally think that life is too precious to live like that and so I am the type of person who is forever striving and forever hoping that one of the schemes I get up to will work and will see me on my way to achieving my ambitions and my dreams will become a reality. Click on A Brief Look Into My Life.

So how do you become a successful person in your lifetime? To become mega successful I suppose, will take up a large part of your life and I have to write that in my opinion you need a good bit of luck along the way.  There’s many a mega-millionaire out there who would be scrubbing toilets now but for the intervention of Lady Luck when they most needed her.

One of the richest men in Hong Kong who came out of China, could not even write his name when he arrived, and the famous Greek shipping billionaire, Aristotle Onassis left his native Greece whilst still in his teens, with no great education and with nothing more that $250 in his pocket and a third class ticket to Argentina, squashed on the ship amongst thousands of other hopeful immigrants and entirely alone. You might also know that  after President Kennedy died he married his widow.

Many people will argue that if you are just starting out in life then you need a good education and so you should go to university. I would argue that is a load of codswallop,  unless you want to become a doctor or something alike. I know a few well educated people that can barely cross a busy road on their own, or put a knot in their tie. I firmly believe that if you have what I call “animal cunning” then you have everything going for you  —  you can't get that at university!

We didn’t have computers in the days of Aristotle Onassis, but I would bet that if we had he would have gotten himself involved … somewhere. Look at the millionaires created because of the Internet … they achieved that mega status in such a short space of time. Look at the educational qualifications you must have to become a millionaire therein … NONE! ZILCH! ZERO!

So what educational qualifications do you need to become successful within the Internet? In my opinion all you need is the will and the determination to succeed. Every self made millionaire had to start somewhere and I believe that there is no better place to start this journey that with The Wealthy Affiliate.

He Should Read This

 Don’t take my word for it, go and have a look and decide for yourself. The hardest thing to do towards becoming a successful self employed human always seems to me to appear to be the easiest … just take the first step. Sounds daft … doesn’t it. But it’s true  —  if you don't buy a lottery ticket – you can't win it. The number of people I know who were going to do this … and were going to do that … and did nothing … and never will  —  and just died in ignorance.

We all make wrong moves in our lives, the secret is still to make the moves and learn from them. Even to learn from your mistakes  —  you have to try. The Internet is today’s way to go and achieve greatness. All you need is a decent brain, you don't need to know what Pythagoras' theorem is, or what “m” squared equals … I repeat, no academic qualifications are necessary.

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