Starting an Internet Business

I cannot understand the person who works for an employer for all their life. You can talk to them and tell them how much more they could earn if they just did their own thing at home by starting an internet business, that they could easily earn 10 times more money each week working from home. I tell them they can earn an easy £2000 -EVERY WEEK – and what do they do  — Laugh! – Cos they don't believe me.

The type of work you could do is varied and you you can learn every aspect of working in the internet from a Canadian organization called The Wealthy Affiliate;  moreover you can enroll with them absolutely free of charge and learn precisely what it's all about before committing yourself further.

I mean to work as a totally self-employed person and not just settling for a share of what they are earning their boss, they would have a better chance to live in a bigger house … drive expensive cars straight out of the showroom, instead of buying a car that someone else has discarded … go on longer and more expensive holidays and generally live a more sumptuous lifestyle and possibly even become a millionaire.

Do they believe you? No! And if they get sacked from their job, or decide to have a change … what do they do … they go looking for another boss to work for. Daft I say. But then I'm writing about the majority of people, there are some thankfully that see the light and who will join me in starting an internet business.

But then it could never be that we all have the same likes and dislikes; or that everybody could be self employed, I would go so far as to write … impossible.

I know for a fact that there are a great number of employed people who so badly want to be self employed, who, if they knew how to go about it would love to start their own business on the internet.

There are so many people who feel they want to become involved in starting an internet business, but have no idea of how to go about getting starting, and perhaps think it would cost them too much money.

Then there are those who because of the low wage they earn and the high cost of living never have any spare money whatsoever … but would like to be given the chance to move over from employed to self-employed. This that I am writing about is made for them; so if you are in that group … read on.

There will always be a few people who will drop lucky and maybe win or inherit some money, and others who will save up for years to get enough start up capital. Many of them will go out and purchase the lease to a main street business, a shop for example; then have to purchase thousands of pounds worth of stock, take on the responsibility of staff, pay rent for the property and pay for all the other incidental expenses like … electricity … gas …rates …rent … computers … telephones … etc … and suffer pilferages.

The list of expenses goes on and on and the risky side of it is the business might not succeed and they lose a fortune. If however the business succeeds this business owner will probably feel very satisfied indeed if they could put £1000 into their pocket each week… not a bad wage … but remember the costs involved.

But, what if I told you I could show you how to earn £1000's ever week; and that I could show you how to start an internet business and the total start up risked capital would be NOTHING – because it's free to start. You would think I'd lost my marbles!

Yet the crazy thing is … I can and its true! … and in fact you could, in a very short space of time (months), be earning a ridiculous amount of money ever week working from home and I'm not writing about earning a measly weakly £1000 but £1000's.

This is where a lot of you start jumping up and down shouting … Impossible … Lies … Rubbish … and all the no hopers walk away and don't even research my statement to find out if it is possible – or not! It just cannot be true … and that's that! Fortunately there are always a few who decide to take the time to delve into what it is that I am ranting about … and some of whom will become millionaires.

I have organized things that you can commence absolutely free of charge so as you can gain an insight as to what great value this is … the total you need put at risk to find out if I can show you how to earn upwards of one thousand pounds every week … sat at home working a few hours each day on your computer. Working the hours “you” want to work with … no boss … no staff … no business rates … no rent … no stock … etc … etc … and no mega worries …………… is NOTHING!!

The course is organized by The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and they are based in Canada. All the tuition is conducted via the internet and in my opinion one of the most important aspects of this course is that if you get stuck at any time you can have 1-2-1 tuition to help you over the sticky bits.

The idea is they let you start free of charge and supply all that will be necessary; tools and lessons, for you to build your own website and to generally get a good insight as to what is entailed. After that you can move onto a premiership level and start paying monthly with the full knowledge of what you are getting involved with. Your under no obligation to move to a paying role and can stay on the free side of things for as long as you want  —  you are not under any obligation. I would like to point out that when it comes time to start paying and move into a higher level of  tuition you could probably start earning on the Internet sufficient to pay your fees and even have a bit left over.

Incidentally this course includes the use of the most sophisticated web tools available on the internet; they alone would cost you a fortune … also you can host as many websites as you make on their very fast server,  at no extra cost – What fantastic value.

Let me assure you they will teach you absolutely everything you would need to know about starting an internet business; to do utterly anything you want to do in the internet and in that you will commence to pay monthly, they know they have to deliver the goods, because if they don’t want you would leave after the first month … I've been here 12 months now and I feel it's the best investment I have ever made.

So there you have it …don't be a dreamer, this is your chance to start up what could become your new business for a start up cost of  NOTHING… not £60,000 … sounds like a joke … doesn’t it? But it's true …

In closing I would like to remind you that the internet today makes more millionaires than any other business … and faster!

Tommy Stuart

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