Retire and Work the Internet

Retire and Work The Internet

Going into retirement from your regular job can be pretty traumatic for some people and for others it can quite exciting. I suppose the reaction that sets in depends a great deal on the circumstances and the condition under which you retired. I reckon a good solution is to retire and work the internet; because it is so engrossing and you could easily … with tuition … create a business that could bring in £1000's every week.

When I write it can be exciting I mean now you have time at home you ought to look at online jobs. It doesn't matter if you have no internet experience because there is an organisation that will train you from scratch … the university I'm with will even allow you to join their organisation free of charge allowing you to have a good look before becoming a long term student, which if you do will cost a measly £29 per month and when you have finished their course you will have the expertise to do anything you want on the internet, all done from home, and create the opportunity to earn a million pounds in a very small space of time. … I really mean it… it's being done!

If you're one of the lucky few who retired from working in a bank and collected a few million as you left the building then I suppose you'll be mad busy travelling the world. But even with that eventually boredom could easily set in and you would find yourself looking for a new challenge; to retire and comfortably work the internet would fill that gap comfortably.

For the rich and the bored I have a good challenge for you … something that will really stretch your imagination and incidentally something you can do when you're in Hong Kong or on the most secluded Island in the world and for the financially insecure people I can offer you the chance to catch up on the millionaires and thereafter enjoy the same lifestyle.

How would you like to carry out some really interesting and very financially rewarding work? Challenging work that once put in place can bring the money rolling faster than you can spend it. Work that is not in any way restrictive, is pleasant work and certainly not strenuous.

I'm writing about working in that strange place some people refer to as Cyberspace … or the internet, where there are a great many online jobs for retired people, where millionares are made more regularly and faster that any other business on earth.

All you have to do to beat this challenge is to retire and work the internet on your computer as and when you have the spare time. Now that's not strenuous … is it? When you want to work … you work … when you want to have fun … have it … but probably with an easier and more relaxed mind.

I am seriously going to make your day because I’m going to give you the key that will open the door to where you will find all the knowledge you need in one place to carry out the aforementioned exercise; where you can learn absolutely all you need to know to take up this very interesting internet work where you can earn more money in one week that you earned in one year when you were at your previous job. Believe me please I am not exaggerating.
I’m going to show you that life doesn’t, as they say “begin at forty,” it begins at retirement.

Right; let's get down to business:-

I am studying with an organisation called The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) that is based in Canada. They will train you up with all the expertise you need to join the group for online jobs for retired people. The training will include absolutely everything a person would need to know to earn a great living in the internet and believe me they leave nothing out.

I would like to emphasise here that I have nothing to do with the ownership of the WAU, I am a student there and I fervently believe in every word I write here.

I tried to learn this stuff from books several time before but failed miserably, because no matter how good the books were written I always came upon bits I just could not understand and so ended up once again in the pub racking my brains and trying to work out my problem… there was no one for me to ask for answers regarding the incomprehensible bits hence another book ended in the bin.

With the WAU everything is taught via the internet and if there is anything you don’t understand then you can either ask the hundreds of students in the forums they have, or send an email to one of your tutors who will always respond to you inside 24 hours and the 1 – 2 – 1 is really fantastic.

Another aspect is that to begin with you do not need to understand anything about the internet … the course is so well laid out you can literally start from scratch … even one finger.

Welthy Affiliate will allow you to join FREE OF CHARGE so as you can have a good look around and see whet they are prepared to give you … I would like to mention here that the internet tools they allow you to use and the fact that you can use their server to host all the websites you make would cost you more elsewhere and I would be surprised if not in the space of three months you were not earning more from the internet per month than what the tuition would cost if you decided to become a premier member. So the reality is you earn as you learn.

So what are the benefits … we all know how relevantly new the internet is and how quickly some people have become millionaires working within it. I will go so far as to write that if you join the Wealthy Affiliate Course they will have you earning money straight into your bank inside only two months and you sign no contract and if they do not deliver to you all I have written herein you can stop anytime you like.

I could go on and on about the benefits of joining me in the WA course but just tap the name Wealthy Affiliate University into any search engine and be surprised.

It's fantastic value and extremely rewarding.

Another nice thing I like about learning to work the internet is that you have a new office – your laptop! – and with the laptop under your arm you can travel the world as you earn your money – just draw it out of the nearest “hole in the wall” machine when you need it.

Come on … Jump in … it's lovely … and really exciting

Please sign me up

Tommy Stuart

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