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It is never easy to believe a person who is recommending something to you … particularly if they are recommending to learn the internet and telling you of the fortunes you could earn.

You might ask …

Do they give good value for money?

Is the tuition comprehensive enough?

Is the standard of teaching good?

Can you leave if you become dissatisfied.

… and the list goes on and on …

But how can you be dissatisfied if you are allowed to join as a comprehensive member absolutely FREE OF CHARGE … that's right … FREE OF CHARGE for as long as it takes for you to have a good look around inside … speak to as many as you like students from all corners of the world who have already joined and try and find negative comments … start the course and make yourself a website … then when you're sure, become a permanent member for a measly £29 per month with the knowledge that you can stop any time you like.

The advice becomes more reassuring when the person you are asking tells you to search the internet and try and find one dissatisfied student … and you do … and you can't … so learn the internet and make your dreams come true … because it is possible.

I would like also to point out that all one needs do is type into any search engine “The Wealthy Affiliate University” to discover just how many thousands of people are presently involved. In case you don't know how to do this, or rather what happens allow me to explain … If you want to find out how many people are involved with any particular internet activity all you have to do is insert the organization domain name into a browser search box and place inverted commas at the beginning and the end of the name and press enter. When I entered “The Wealthy Affiliate University” I got 162,000 and when I entered “Wealthy Affiliate” I got 614,000.

That's how popular they are!

internet businessThis is truly a most extraordinary opportunity to learn how to create your own business in the internet. In reality they take you by the hand and train you up to make money with your own website marketing business. When I write “your own business” I mean the education you will receive from WA will allow you to participate in literally any type of internet business you like.

Many of the website marketing tips they will give you are so sophisticated; they will teach you to create your own websites to sell whatever you please and usually you can find within the internet something to sell that will cost you nothing to purchase because its electronic information available on the internet to everyone … if you know where to look.

You could work as an affiliate for a company presently advertising via a website on the internet. You simply advertise their products through your own website, usually for a very generous commission. Or you could offer your newly developed expertise to companies advertising through websites but who have no idea of how to promote their sites. You could promote their website. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You will discover how easy it is to build a website and that the real trick is to get your website onto page one of the internet when anyone comes looking for what your website has to offer. Indeed … anything you want to do on the internet you can learn it with the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Of course after you've become an expert at using the fabulous selection of internet tools that are free with this course there will be no stopping you … maybe even to become another internet made millionaire. Another truly great aspect of this course is that after you become an expert at creating websites you can host them free of charge on their super fast server … that alone would cost you more than the cost of this course.

How much will it cost to learn to commence making money from the internet? The true cost is a measly £29.00 per month which I think is the cheapest for the best in the internet.

Now you’re going to find my reasoning regarding the cost a bit different to what you were probably thinking because my estimation of the cost for all this wonderful tuition is that it can in fact be absolutely free of charge. Free of charge because you can earn as your learn with this program and after about 3 months you should be able to earn within the internet more than it is costing you each month. Another thing is … if you find your become as enthusiastic as I am then you can recommend it honestly to your friends … if only 2 join then the commission from them will pay your monthly fees.

Another perk … and I love telling everyone this … is that after you become an experienced internet marketer you can work from anywhere in the world because all you work is done in Cyberspace and Cyberspace is inside your laptop. All payments are organized through PayPal etc and can be drawn out as needed from any hole in the wall … anywhere!

So learn the internet … you can stop anytime if you think the quality is not as good as it ought to be … but I’m sure that won’t happen because I’m nobody’s fool and I’m into this Wealthy Affiliate University for life and I know quality when I receive it.

Proof of the pudding … click here for an absolutely no strings
free membership … guaranteed no conditions.

Here’s to your success.

Tommy Stuart

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