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Perhaps you are one of the many people who realise what a fantastic business you can create by learning how to trade within the internet; if this is so you could do no better that to become involved in Internet Training with Wealthy Affiliate who are so confident that you will realise the quality of the tuition they deliver via the internet that they will allow you to join up as a fully fledged member with all the facilities FREE OF CHARGE.

Be prepared to be impressed and take advantage of this free offer to join and be a member for as long as it takes for you to realise what a great offer this really is.

The first thing a person who has to go searching on the internet for a tuition course will find is a plethora of organisations offering tuition for building any kind of business you want, thus would begin the great rip off, because trying to find an honest organisation that genuinely can pass on such education and at the right price is like walking through a minefield with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears.

I purchased numerous “Internet Dummies” books and they made me feel dumber than the dumbest, because no matter how well they were written I always came upon a bit that no matter how I tried I could not dunceunderstand, and having no one to ask how to solve the problem, in the end I had to throw yet another book in the trash can.

Then I went back to the internet jungle and started reading all sorts of promises of how to earn sack loads of money … if I was to believe what I read there then all I had to do was hand over my joining up money; tell them I want an internet business and abracadabra I’d be a millionaire the following week. It was pretty awful because the internet is plagued with companies and unfeeling mercenary people who promise everything and anything just to get their hands on our money and deliver nothing.

Rogue traderThere are so many rogue traders on the internet that after trying one failed idea after another it became sickening, so much so that I seriously thought of giving up the search. Needless to write I decided just to try a few more … for the very last time … and landed lucky..

I was speaking to a friend just recently about the fact that I want to start a internet business and we had to agree that we know more people who have tried and failed than those who have succeeded. I had a little think about this and spoke to another friend, we came to the conclusion that it was the attitude of the people who wanted an internet business, most of them thought that if they wanted a successful internet business they could do a crash course and be up and running with their website inside a couple of weeks … no way! You have to be prepared to put a lot of hours into building a good solid foundation for your website and then build on top and if you don't get the top bit right first time then you have to tweak it … and if it's still not right … tweak it again until such times as the money starts to come in … then you can say … you're up and running

When you search through Google or on any other search engine for people who purport to be Internet made Millionaires it's not difficult to find them … so long as they are not trying to sell anything to you they are probably telling the truth … another thing is … if they can succeed on the internet … then so can you.  I can tell you I have researched and researched the internet and the best and most genuine tuition course I found was Internet Training with Wealthy Affiliate which is a university course that teaches you from Canada via the internet at a price that is unbelievably inexpensive and to prove how good they are they give you some free trial lessons so as you know exactly what you are committing to if you join.

I started reading what people were publishing on the internet. About various available online courses and found that one of them was receiving more glowing reports than the others. I checked them out … could it be another scam … I crawled all over the internet expecting the worst … asking everyone I came in contact with, I found nothing detrimental … nothing but praise … and so I would like to introduce you to them. They are known as The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) and they are based in Canada.

Briefly … how much will it cost you to start an internet business training program and what will you get. Well don't forget what I mentioned earlier that you can become a full member with all privileges absolutely free of charge until you are aware of what great value you would be committing to if you became a permanent member.

You get the use of the best available set of website tools on the internet (And tuition on how to use them)and you can also host your websites (as many as you like) on their super fast server. When you consider how much these facilities alone would cost you if you had to pay for them separately it's difficult to see how they can do all this for such a lowly fee of £29 per month.

Another thing I would like to mention is that when you get to the incomprehensible tuition bits … and you will … WAU has a fabulous 1-2-1 tuition and there's also their forum. They have the best forum on the net with students from all over the world queuing up to help you if you so desire.

In as much as I want an internet business and this time nothing is going to stop me then I'm definitely in for the long haul … I hope you'll join me; incidentally I will also be available to help you and will only be a phone call away.

Tommy Stuart

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