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This is an internet success story from a guy who joined The Wealthy Affiliate University, an organisation that teaches from Canada via the internet. They are so good … and so confident that they will allow you to have some free trial lessons to give you an insight as to what it;s all about.

I emphasise that this is not written by myself

Hello everyone!

My name is Chad, and I am an internet marketing-aholic.

Seriously though, I apologise for the long email, but I would like to share my one-year Wealthy Affiliate story and some of my recent success with those new and old to Wealthy Affiliate. I actually debated for a long time whether or not I would, or should, write this post. In the end, I decided that it would be beneficial for those thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate, those just joining Wealthy Affiliate, or those who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and who may be struggling or getting frustrated. My hesitancy in writing this post was that I do not want to come across as bragging or that I know more than the next person, because I honestly don't, and still consider myself a very, very beginner, amateur internet marketer. In no particular order, I believe my success has been a combination of luck, hard-work, patience, and research, though I'm leaning toward luck. Without a doubt, though, any success that I've had to date is directly related and should be credited to Wealthy Affiliate and the guys behind it, Kyle and Carson.

For those that don't know me (which is everyone), here is a little bit about myself. I'm a 31-year-old attorney living in Florida, recently married, and even more recently with a little girl on the way. I love to play golf, drink beer, gamble, play poker, watch college football and basketball, and follow the Florida Gators. I'm obsessed with fantasy football, and I'd say overall, I have an obsessive-compulsive personality when it comes to most things I put my mind to.

In any event, I joined Wealthy Affiliate almost 1 year ago. As I write this, I can't even remember how I came to find Wealthy Affiliate, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with sitting in my office researching something
about some law that I didn't care about. What I can tell you is that prior to joining, I had absolutely no experience with internet/affiliate marketing – didn't even know what it was. I guess you could say I was an internet marketing virgin.
Without writing pages and pages, what I hope this post accomplishes is that it shows everyone here what is possible if you not only trust what is offered to you here by Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle and Carson, but that you actually put into motion the skills you learn. By no means is it easy. Like a lot of us here, I was grabbing ankles after the last main Google slap, and I got very frustrated. I even wrote it off for a couple of weeks. One day, though, I sat down in front of my computer and told myself that failure is not an option and that success is inevitable. I scrapped everything I had done to date and started over – new campaigns, new account, new website, new everything. I think I may have even started using a new computer b/c I thought my old one was bad luck. I don't recommend this.

Bottom line – for a beginner (I still consider myself a beginner), and those more experienced, it is my opinion that you do not need anything else but this website. Internet marketing is ever-changing, something you must keep at daily. I learn something everyday here. I also screw up something everyday. But, you learn, correct your mistakes, and move on. Anyone can do this – but you actually have to do it.

Well, that really is all I wanted to say. Just don't half-ass your approach to this, and expect anything more than half-ass results.

Just so everyone doesn't think I'm full of s&$t, I have posted some of my sales from the last week or so. Again, please, I really do not want everyone to think badly of my posting this, but please use it as inspiration, motivation, etc…

Thanks! I'm glad to be here!


Period ending 2006-12-01: $32,888.01
Period ending 2006-11-16: $26,778.18


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So there you have it a genuine internet success story with the offer of free lessons to give you a taste of what it's all about. Just click here.

best wishes

Tommy Stuart