Internet Marketing

I want to learn about internet marketing … fully and completely because I need to know how to build and control and promote my own websites. I've been told that The Wealthy Affiliate University based in Canada are the very best tutors at the most reasonable price in the world today.

They are so confident that they will now allow you to join up and use their training facilities absolutely free of charge whilst you get to see and believe just how good they are. Then if you decide to become a more permanent student they will show you how to earn the price of your studies … and more so in fact you would be earning as your learning.

I have always reckoned that there is a lot of money to be earned from internet marketing but in my opinion you are not “working” the internet unless you are the person who has put together the internet money making website itself, and to do that you need to learn about the internet, about building websites, more important you have to learn how to promote websites, to get it seen by as many people as possible.

Getting a website promoted onto the first page of a search is big business in itself. (It's called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  It is very easy to build a website but getting it so as it lands on the first page when a search is done for the type of commodity or service it is advertising is the hardest part of the exercise by far. Such a page is properly referred to as a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and no one can teach you that better The Wealthy Affiliate University. … and remember you can start to learn how to do that absolutely free of charge.

If you were properly trained you could sit at home and find in the Internet specific types of business websites that in your opinion are not being promoted properly … optimised … It's easy then to contact the owner of the business and explain that their website is absolutely useless in that it will only be seen when someone types in the specific domain name.

If for example a website is designed to show and sell red hats then it should jump onto the first page when someone types into a search engine “Red Hats” and you could explain that you are the person who can bring that about.

earning moneyHow much can you earn … from home … doing this kind of work? Well let me put it this way … my wife owns a financial company that typical of all similar businesses has its own website. She received a phone call some time in the past from a guy who told her he had checked the website and in his opinion it was not being promoted and would do nothing unless it was … she knew this to be true in that she was receiving no inquiries from it, so she paid out £6,000.00 over a period of three months to have the website promoted … That could have been you!

Now I’m not suggesting that you join me in the Wealthy Affiliate University to learn just how you can promote websites, what I’m trying to explain is that promoting websites, is only a small part of what you would learn and if you can earn £6,000.00 a pop doing SEO work for large companies, how much can you earn with the full knowledge about building websites and knowing what makes the Internet tick.

Now I have scoured the internet and without going into all the agonies of how many times I got scammed I would tell you that the best organisation to become involved with to learn about the internet is without a doubt The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) that is based in Canada. Have a read at what these people have to write about them.

The entire course is conducted via the internet.

They will teach you everything you would ever need to know to allow you to start up in internet marketing and for you to conduct whatever kind of internet business you wish to become involved in. There is no contract involved so you can stop anytime you feel you are not receiving good value … so they have to deliver … they know it … and they do.

Also you can, if you wish, take a sample free course and have a play with what is reputed to be the best selection of web-tools available on the internet … really great fun.

After you've tried the free sample course if you decide to join the course only costs a measly £29.00 per month and I should imagine after 3 months you will have accumulated enough knowledge to be taking in cash far in excess of this amount. So all it's going to cost you is 3 x £29 and you will thereafter be a member of WAU free of charge.

Two other very import things if you are to learn about the internet with WAU … they are totally honest and reliable; if you reach any of those incomprehensible bits in the course they will teach you 1-2-1 until you understand it. How many internet teaching courses will give you that facility? Just about none is the answer.

I could write a book on this subject, about how many people have become millionaires within the internet; people who had no idea of what the future held for them when they decided to become involved. All I'm meaning here is that the internet is definitely a place where dreams can assuredly come true.

Success is so elusive but more so if you don't make an effort. Whats life without giving it all you've got. I can't understand those people who can't wait to get into their local pubs … get a pint of beer in their hand and start dreaming of what might have been.

Don't forget your free samle course.

Tommy Stuart

If you have a question, feel free to get in contact with me.