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I have just been reading that between July and September of 2011 the unemployment of teenagers in the UK reached it’s highest since 1994 standing at 1.02 Million. This of course means that they are all on unemployment benefit … sitting about scratching their heads wondering where next to go for a job. I would recommend most sincerely that they oick up on Internet Marketing for Dummies and join “happy” me.

It’s true that you cannot put an old head on young shoulders because if you could I would tell them not to bother looking for a job, they should instead learn to work for themselves and start by reading up on Inernet Marketing for Dummies.

I have also been reading about the best internet marketing online business to become involved in and how a bunch of young millionaires achieved their status from scratch inside a few years.

I remember however when I was a teenager, money didn’t bother me one scrap, so long as I had just enough to buy a few soft drinks in a local cafe where I would join my friends and chat up the girls. I’m sure this is the same for the majority of teenagers today … but what about the minority who try as they might but do not have any direction in their lives and cannot find any employment and in particular no one to guide them … Please let me guide you.

The message I am about to put over in this missive is essentially for them.

The first part of my message is that you are not missing anything by being unable to find a boss who will give you a job to make him and his family richer. Why should you spend your entire life working … slaving … for a pittance of what you earn for your bosses. Be your own person and do your own thing.

Teenage millionaires are all the rage since the advent of the computer and you really ought to check it out because there’s nothing to stop you from joining
If I was to sit down with you and have a talk about what you ought to do with your life in order to give rise to the best chance of achieving success, of becoming affluent, with a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction in the process, I would ask you which organization produces the most millionaires … quicker and at the youngest ages … I’m sure you guessed it … the internet.

I would like to introduce you to an organisation that can turn you into a mega successful person through working within the internet, they are known as The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) and they are based in Canada. All the tuition is done via the internet.

WAU can teach you everything you need to know to work at whatever you want to do in the internet. Furthermore the cost of learning how to trade in the internet compared to going to UK University can be compared to a flea on an elephant’s back, not only that but you have a better chance to become rich and successful working on the internet than going to a conventional university.

Let’s face it, the object behind doing a lot of studying at a university is to eventually secure for yourself and your eventual family a good standard of life. The WAU can give you that quicker and in more abundance and for less cost and less studying, moreover you can commence this course from any standard of previous education.

Another thing … what’s the point of going to ordinary university, they won’t teach you how to join the teenage millionaires; something that is entirely possible to achieve in just a matter of of a few years here with us, I mean these mega successful guys and gals had to start their learning process somewhere, they weren’t born with the Internet knowledge already implanted in their brains, they had to start just the same as you would start … from scratch! So why can’t you? The Wealthy Affiliate Univesity specialises in Internet Marketing for Dummies and for the greatly experienced too.

When you finish an ordinary university course you walk away with a £25,000.00 debt around your neck, which you have to pay off before you can start to live; in the same space of time when you walk away from a WAU course you would probably do so with about half a million in your back pocket … some difference eh! In any case, unless your degree is to take you into law or medicine or something similar you’ll be lucky if you can use it and luckier if you can quickly find a job.

All it costs learn to trade in any capacity on the internet and possibly to become one of the teenage millionaires is £29 per month
which I personally think is worth every penny and the arsenal of internet tools you can use is awe inspiring and would cost you a fortune if you had to purchase them. All you have to do is click here for a FREE TRIAL RUN.

In the past I have been scammed by many so called internet tutors and purchased lots of books on the subject only to give up or throw the books away because I had reached an incomprehensible part of the course and had no one to explain and walk me through it. Not so with WAU they have a fabulous 1-2-1 tutorial service second to none and no one need ever walk away scratching their heads ever again. Also I might add, they have the very best forums on the internet where students are queuing up to help you and where you can make friends doing the same course from all over the world.

By the time you are finished with this course there will not be one department of working in the internet you will not be familiar with. You will be capable of doing anything you want. Moreover once you have the education you can take it to any country in the world and work there, all you need is your laptop and you’re in business. You can draw your earnings out of any hole in the wall.

I could go on and on and on … but what’s the point … I will give you a – no conditions FREE TRIAL RUN – remember, three months down the line you will commence to earn … that will be the beginning!

Tommy Stuart

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