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If you hate your job you should look at the Wealthy Affiliate University who will teach you how to organise your own internet affiliate business which has to be infinitly better that working for someone  … making a boss rich.  I would imagine that about 90% of the working population hate their jobs and feel they are trapped and cannot attempt any other type of work; many for the following reasons …

• Lack of educational qualification.

• Lack of experience in other kinds of work.

• Lacking the confidence to go out and start a new kind of work from scratch.

• Have tried but cannot find alternative work that produces the same money.

• So busy with what you work at that you haven’t the time to go looking for an alternative job.

• Just can’t be bothered.

This list can go on and on. To be happy in your work is so very important; did you realize that your job takes up so much of your life. Work it out, there are only 24 hours in an entire day and if you spent 8 of it sleeping and 8 of it at work then half of your awakened life is spent working … so I’m going to help you make it a happy 8 hours!

I would reckon that the best kind of alternative vocation you could find would drop into the following criteria:-

1. No boss.

2. Train for this job in your spare time from home, when you want to.

3. No educational qualifications of any sort needed – just the will to better yourself.

4. Start your new work from home and when the money you are computer workearning from it exceeds that which you earn at your hated job … give the hated job up … forever.

5. Start your work day when you feel you are ready to start.

6. End your working day when you want to end it.

7. Have no limitation as to how much you can earn … the more imaginative you are the more money you can earn.

8. You can carry out your work from anywhere in the world.

9. Your lifestyle can be mega status … if you want it to be.

You can even become a millionaire like others who do the same work.

I bet your wondering what’s coming next … your thinking there cannot be a job that will give me all the above … it’s just too good to be true and I have always believed that when it’s too good to be true it generally is … so leave it alone.

Wrong! Because I can prove the above and I can tell you of living people who have left their boring mundane jobs to go work the internet… just the way you can do it. Just as an example why don't you look at these “Young internet millionaires,” They started out just the same as you would, they were not born with internet expertise … they had to learn it … from scratch … just the same as you can do.

So what I'm advocating is you should learn to create an internet affiliate business to work within the internet and I will give you some free lessons so as you can see for yourself how excellent the tuition is.

There are numerous different ways of generating loads of money there … . and all you need to join this society is a computer … and some internet tuition and the will to better your life.

Allow me to introduce you to The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU), based in Canada and reputed to be the best all round tutors of  websites and the internet in the world. But please don’t take my word for that, just go into any search engine you wish and type in “Wealthy Affiliate University” and read what others have to say. If you make sure to use the inverted commas before and after when you type the words “Wealthy Affiliate” you will get 910,000 websites … quite popular eh!

Why you might ask are they the best?

Several reasons …

1. They genuinely care. For me that is mega important.

2. They’re honest and not scammers.
3. They set you out a genuine course to study and if you get stuck they will train you 1-2-1 and see you over all difficult bits.

4. You have no contract to sign so your not stitched in for any length of time.

5. The cost is so unbelievably affordable at on £29 per month.

6. They recognize that if they don’t deliver you will stop the course – they deliver!

7. To prove it they will even give you some free lessons as a trial run. Just click here to accept.

So if you decide to create an internet affiliate business you will find that their teaching will be so thorough that no matter what department within the internet you decide to specialize in you will have the knowledge for it when you have finished the course.

There are other aspects of this course that I should tell you about, one of them is the friendships you will develop with all the hundreds of students from all over the world participating in the same course and who are madly enthusiastic to help each other … that means you … in what is reputed to be the best forums in the internet. You can chat with them ever day.

As mentioned before, the total monthly cost is a meager £29 per month and what is amazing about this is what you get for your money. Not only do you receive an excellent tuition but you can use their super fast server for your websites … no extra charge … and then there's the internet tools that they have put together for you to use. If you were not a student of the WAU these facilities alone would cost you more that the tuition fees.

Oh! One other thing … After you have been with them for about 3 months you should be more than earning the cost of your tuition using what you’ve been taught.

So there you have it … the beginnings of an escape route from your hated job.

Now it’s down to you and this time there’s no excuse.

Tommy Stuart

P.S. Don’t forget your free tuition

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