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This article has been written with in intention that you sell it on.  I think it would be a better idea if you put yourself forward as an expert and charged people who approached you for the benefits of your advice. This written advice will only cost you $8 – and you’re in business. You can of course sell the literature if you so wish as well; however, there are some aspects of BAD DEBT that I am sure are not written in here and this is where you and or your clients can benefit with advice about debt that seems to be banned from public viewing.

What I mean by this statement is for example – Did you know that your bank when issuing you with a credit card behaves in a totally illegal way. If they issue you a credit card with a limit of $10K they use your signature without your consent like a promissory note to draw down from their major bank of the country the equivalent in cash to cover the credit card. This is one of the ways they put fresh currency into circulation. (In Debt) So if you defaulted in payment they have no bad debt because what they never explain to you is the fact that they used your signature to secure the money they received from their major bank and you are then used to pay that major bank the interest for printing and issuing the money. This means that credit card debt should be looked at more in depth when thinking about repaying it. Do you know of anyone of your friends who have ever been taken to court by their issuing bank for credit card debt? I think you will find their debt is sold on to debt collectors – and that is another chapter.

These 15 articles below will give you, as the advisor, an insight as to how you can guide the people who are coming to you for advice.

The Debt Busters content pack is a brand new package of 15 private label rights articles all about helping your customers eliminate debt. This is fresh content that has been written exclusively for this launch and has never been sold or used before.

Here Are the Article Titles:


  • Are Your Debt Recouping Tricks a Hit or A Miss? – 563 words
  • Can A Balance Transfer Bail You Out from Surging Credit Card Bills? – 582 words
  • Can You Tackle Bad Debt? – 559 words
  • Easy Ways to Bring Down Your Monthly Expenses – 553 words
  • How to Not Be in Debt Right Now? – 518 words
  • Is Setting a Good Budget Enough to Pull You Out of Debt? – 544 words
  • Mistakes to Keep at Arm’s Length When Digging Out of Debt – 554 words
  • Promising Ways to Amplify Your Money Reserves – 534 words
  • Say Goodbye to Debt On a Low Income – Is It Possible? – 578 words
  • Strategies That Work in Paying Off Credit Card Debt – 525 words
  • Pay Off Student Loans Quick – 541 words
  • How to Swim Out of Debt When You Are On the Breadline? – 533 words
  • Tips to Slim Down Unnecessary Expenses – 560 words
  • Can You Pay Off a Mortgage in 5 Quick Years? – 536 words
  • Silly Things You Didn’t Realize You Spend a Fortune On – 566 words

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