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Whether you're full of energy or full of wisdom you will find something here to suite your temperament

Always remember – You're Never Too Old. The loss of your full time wage job can create a lot of financial problems; particularly if you discover that your pension does not cover all your expenses

Perhaps Your Mortgage Is Not Fully Paid Up Or ….

1.The car payments are still to be accounted for.
2.You Can't Afford Holidays Anymore.
3.You Want To Work And Believe Online Trading Is The Way To Go.
4.But You Have No Experience And  ………. No Money!


Retired people are most welcome here and for them  Online Trading is definitely one of the best ways to go

  —  and  —  it makes good sense for a number of reasons  — it's easy to do — work when you want. 

Let me remind you of my opening statement … 

IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY  You're in the right place — whatever your age !

In my own personal opinion — which most probably will not be the same as everyone else's — I would never go out with my cap in my hand begging for part time work and be probably offered work at a fraction of the hourly rate I was accustomed to earning when I was fully fit and younger. I would rather get involved within the internet  —  and start of by taking some lessons which can be done at home and online.

I would delve into the internet – because – it's definitely the future and where all businesses seem to be going anyway. Also it's not like the olden days when you would open up a shop and rely on passing trade  —  Now you are dealing within the WORLD WIDE WEB and in it your business NEVER CLOSES – where you can trade —   without any staff and overhead expenses.  — 

You can now set up your own business earning you more money in one month than you previously earned in one year.

So what are “we” going to do ?

Learn to work in the Internet!

So who am I to be giving you advice on businesses

I drop into the “wisdom” category — have a look — and a laugh!

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Firstly I will tell you about being an affiliate then we can go and explore some affiliate ideas

Afterwards it is my intention just to drop into examining what ever business

idea comes along taking a look at what it will cost to set up, ongoing

expenses and how much profit you can expect  to make.

Becoming An Affiliate

Possibly you have heard of the online tutorial course that teaches all that one would need to know  in order to to trade online. It's known as “The Wealthy Affiliate ” a lot of people have because it is so very popular on the internet, particularly with people who want to learn how to make a living online.  If you are one of the few who haven't heard of them then let me tell you.   One of the popular reasons why it's good to know of the Wealthy Affiliate is YOU DON’T NEED A CREDIT CARD — it's free!

Let me tell you why it's free to join so as there is no misunderstanding and no  one can accuse me of misleading them.

You can join without having to pay anything upfront because the free lessons you receive and the free tools and facilities  they provide are made available to give you a good insight as to  to what you will receive if you later decide to become a premier member and accept to pay a monthly fee thereafter.

You can however remain a free trainee member for a long as you like, or leave , or upgrade anytime you want to with absolutely no obligation.   click here for a free membership

The reason for this is that a good number of people have no idea what they are getting themselves into if they decide to join. So The Wealthy Affiliate organization teach you, free of charge,  to a standard where you are totally aware of what online trading and affiliate marketing is all about. You could then , commence trading within the internet which might even help – or pay – for your further education with perhaps a bit of cash to spare.

At the beginning of your tuition they allow you to have the use of a free domain Then they give you  free tuition on building your first website and you are given free hosting for this website on their hosting platform — All this just to give you a taste of what it's all about.  You won’t get a better deal if you spent the rest of your life searching the web.

So What Is “The Wealthy Affiliate”

Click here to join 

It is a web based educational organization that has been around now for about 15 years and it boasts in the region of 150,000 current energetic students in attendance.  That is a lot of students !

It’s main purpose is to teach people how to make a living out of being online affiliates; how to understand online marketing and generally how to generate  income.  You couldn't join at a better time because so much business is transferring to the internet. Shops are closing down all over the world –  which means  –  this is the way to go.

The curriculum commences from presuming you to be a total beginner – or you can quickly move along a bit if you already have some online affiliate knowledge. Then they will teach you how to create and set up your own website. In fact —  they teach absolutely everything a person would want – or need – to know to become comfortable within the internet and ultimately they will show you – if you wish – how to set up your own online business. They supply all the online tools necessary for the job and if you really get stuck you can have one to one tuition, or you can take advantage of the chat forum they have with 1000’s of student from every corner of the world  eagerly helping each other to succeed.

How Successful Is The Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate organization as previously mentioned has been around for about 15 years now, it’s based in Canada and was established by the two chaps you see below Kyle and Carson.  I would like to add that The Wealthy Affiliate has become so successful and been doing such a good job that they have now  received recognition from the Canadian Government.

You can sit by your computer for days searching the internet for information on them and will find nothing but praise. They most certainly deliver the goods and have no need to make any promises of vast earnings and fast shiny cars. Whether or not you succeed in creating a successful business afterwards is entirely up to you – and they tell you that.  They teach you all the necessary expertise and supply the tools, all you you have to put the effort in to succeed.  Don't forget – It's free until YOU decide if you want to step up to Premiership level  —  but by then you have a good knowledge of what you're involved in.

An Idea Of What They Will Teach You

Choose a Niche 

The very first thing you have to do is find a niche  —  a niche being what kind of online business you would like to create. The best way to go about that would be to choose something that you know a lot about – a hobby – or something you are dedicated too and have a fair bit of knowledge about.

Alternatively you can create a niche from something you know absolutely nothing about but want to research and learn about as you go along.  Don’t let it worry you though because there are literally 1000's of potential niches out there.

Then there's the domain  —  Choosing a domain is like giving an address to your website business, so as people can find you. I recommend “.com” from all the rest you will find, and I think I would try my own name first, for example, one of my domains is my name You can always add bits on to the end of that later – make a name for yourself!

Build a Website

“The Wealthy Affiliate “will do a fantastic job of teaching you how to build your website which from the beginning is just an empty shell with no real foundations to it. They will then  go on to show you how to lay down your website’s foundations and how to stock it with all sorts of goodies that will compliment your niche choice and hopefully earn you lots of money. If you are advertising and selling and sending out your own merchandise that is generally looked upon as online trading. However if you find people who are selling their own merchandise and they offer to split their profit with you 50/50 if you find them customers. That then is affiliate marketing. The other person takes on all responsibility – delivery etcetera – after you have delivered the customers name your work is done.

Getting Traffic To Your Website (customers)

So now you have a website that has an address (domain) and you have stocked it with all the ideas and information that compliment  your chosen niche  —  but you don’t have a business  yet —  not until you have some people coming to visit you and hopefully buy from you. Then you have a business!

Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Japanese, Building, CrowdCollectively the people that will visit you are called traffic and finding them is of mega importance  and a highly specialized department in its self —   another  very important subject that has to be taught to you.  As you find people who contact you you can save them in what is called an auto-responder. This piece of software allows you to keep in touch with your customers in a rather unique way.  As new people join you the auto-responder will automatically save all of their names and email addresses and when you want to send out a message – perhaps telling your customers about a special offer you are giving  – you can contact them all with the same message with one click of your mouse, whether you have 100 or 10,000 clients. An auto-responder that I use, which I reckon is one of the best in the business I would like to recommend you check out.  It can be seen by just clicking here – – –

Make Money

Having an online business is in my way of thinking the best type of present day business to have.  Far better than the conventional types where you have to have a shop or an office with staff.  JUST LOOK AT THE SAVING BELOW …

  1. You do not need to pay rent for expensive premises.

  2. You don’t have business rates to pay.

  3. You don’t need staff.

  4. You’re open around the clock.

  5. You don’t need passing trade – you now have the whole world as potential customers.

  6. And I hate to write it but the fact is you suffer no pilferage.  — I did in 2 of my businesses.

  7. One more mega expense you don't need is STOCK on the shelves.

How much cheaper is that? I would reckon a setup cost would be about $250,000. With Online Trading or Affiliate Marketing you can in many instances go to bed at night and count your money in the morning when you get up. That's referred to as passive trading and in the internet it's fairly common.

Trading on the Internet is taking over from the old fashion selling methods as we once knew.  You will have – I'm sure – noticed many of the large departmental stores closing their doors due to the present online competition they now have to face and the internet competition has not finished growing yet. Everyone who has anything to sell is now moving over to selling online and shipping out to there customers and that is the type of business trading  The Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about.  You're just in time to start your journey to becoming a millionaire and it will cost you NOTHING to start.

P.S. There is one thing I forgot to tell you.  After you have finished your training you can become an affiliate for your tutors –  The Wealthy Affiliate.   I can tell you on good authority working as an affiliate online for them you can earn in the region of $10,000 every month from home  —  Not bad eh?

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What About a Normal Business You Can Start
The OLD Way
And All You Need Is A Computer And A Phone
No Starting UP Cash Needed

“Your Own Store Maintenance Organization”

This business I will tell you about can be started in just about any country and with no capital whatsoever.  I started it in the UK  from my garage attached to my house and inside two months I was getting a wage out of it, then I moved into an office and started employing office staff.  Just over one year later I did a deal with a builder chap and left him with the business. I took $140,000 out of it and moved into another new business and he went on to turn over $1M the next year. Whilst there I was drawing a decent wage from it and bought myself a lovely car.

The business type I’m going to tell you about is to do with business property maintenance and let me tell you up front that I personally can’t even put a nail into a wall.  All the biggest store companies in the UK have  —  in most instances  —  100's of branches situated throughout the entire UK and Ireland. If in any store, the lights go out, or the drains are blocked, or the roof leaks or indeed if anything goes wrong the manager of that store will contact his head office, where usually is situated the maintenance department for his company. This office is responsible for putting the repair job out to a repair company that is near to where the store is  and they always negotiate the rate of cost for the repair of the problem. The repair job usually is mega urgent because in many instances the store with the problem cannot trade until the repairs are carried out and so they are losing money; this is still the system today … everywhere.

When I started in my garage at home I already  had a couple of desks and a computer.  I had a telephone installed and I was ready for business.

First of all I gave my business a name  “The National Maintenance Team”—  A great big sounding name. Then using a A4 size piece of paper bearing my company name and address and telephone details etc. I designed what we called a “Job Sheet” and I was ready for business.  I'll tell you all about the job sheet later.

Now I started up my  trusty computer and went into the internet to find all the biggest chain-store companies in the UKwhen I write the biggest I really mean the biggest,  like Clinton Cards who then owned 870 shopsBeaverbrook’s the Jewellers 547 storesBritish Home Stores 800You will realize they are so very easy to find on the Internet. Then I started to telephone them.

I would ring up and ask to be put through to their maintenance department. I quickly realized that all of them would have their own maintenance department working out of one store and that none of them did their own maintenance  —  they gave it all out to contractors … all of it!

 I would ring the head office of each store and ask to be put through to their maintenance department, then I would ask to speak to the maintenance manager  —  no chance!  —  I had a better chance of getting to speak to the queen or the president of The USA.  But then knowing I was in the right department I would chat tosewage clearance the person who was on the phone and get his / her name.  Then I’d telephone again and again and again  until, even if they were not giving me any work I would chat like we were old buddies. now on first name terms and they became familiar with my phones calls 

I quickly realized that although there was a maintenance manager, my new found buddies, with other members in the same office, were responsible for giving out the jobs that needed doing . So I explained to whomsoever I had the opportunity to chat with that my company “The National Maintenance Team” took care of the maintenance of stores throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland, further more that we did everything  —  ElectricaljoineryplumbingbricklayingsewageIn fact there wasn’t a job that we couldn’t take on and we had maintenance men covering the whole of the country. (Of course I didn't have one man – anywhere) 

I managed to impressed my new friends so much that one day my phone rang.  I nearly jumped out of my skin so found it difficult to utter in a normal tone into the phone the magic words  —  “National Maintenance Team can I help you?” It was one of my new friends that I had chased just about every day “and he had a job for me.   

One of their stores couldn’t open up because they had no electricity to work the tills and they were in semi-darkness. I was to have this job, subject to my hourly rate being comparable to what the store was accustomed to paying their regular contractors, and if I could get an electrician to the store inside one hour the job would be mine.

It didn't matter to me  where in the UK the job was … I'll explain later … I was now in business!

Now came the tricky bit – I had to find an electrician in the town where the store with the electrical problems was, who would do that job … He had to call out to it within the hour; also he had to state that he was from” TRaaallaaah”  THE NATIONAL MAINTENANCE TEAM.

I fired up my trusty computer and asked Google for the names and addresses of every electrician in the town where I hade just been given the job then I started to phone round them all.

When I found an electrical company that told me they could do the job I explained on the phone, again I exaggerated the size of my company. I explained that my company “The National Maintenance Team” currently carried out maintenance work for MANY large stores throughout the UK and Ireland and that we had hundreds of tradesmen working for us BUT we didn't have an electrician in his town, now was his chance to join us and any future work I got near him would be passed to him.

We quickly negotiated and agreed that the first hour (usually referred to the callout hour) would be much higher than each hour thereafter because of time and fuel used in travelling to the job and we also what the hourly rate would be thereafter. I told him that my company would be responsible for paying him and that we would need to deduct from his price of the total job 20% to cover our expenses  — he agree.

 When a deal was agreed with the electrician I then telephone the store and told them I had a man of his way to the job and that he would be there inside one hour. Also that I would want the manager of the store to sign a “JOB SHEET” as confirmation of a satisfactory repair.  On the job sheet to be completed by the manager it stated how long it took to carry out the repair and by how many men/women. Also it listed if any special materials had to be produced and at what cost ( If big ladders were ever to be used then 2 men/women would have to do the job because of safety standards – one holding the ladders).

Now I would prepare the “job sheet” which would have to be faxed to the electrician who had agreed to carry out the work. In it I explained the problem and what had to be done and the agreed conditions and hourly rate, also it included the name of the store, the telephone number and the address. The job sheet would have to be handed to the store manager upon completion of work and he would sign it confirming the time “my” electrician arrived at the job and when he left and include in it any materials that had been used.  There were spaces on the job sheet for this information to be inserted and each job sheet had it’s own unique number that I would generate out of my computer.

After the job was completed the trade person ( electrician) would forward to me the signed job sheet with his/her invoice for payment. I would forward on to the maintenance department  “my invoice and the signed job sheet” for my payment and when I was paid I would pay the trades person – less 20%.


In the end I was looking after just about every large chain store in the United Kingdom from a busy office I had moved into in my town.

Now For Some Ideas About Affiliate Marketing

This is about losing weight which is just about the most popular of niches in the internet

Somewhat similar to telling your fortune but using numerology which was very popular in the past

Again about “health” and another way to lose weight. Advice and a means to buy at the end

If you want to go fishing then this is the way to do it. Where to go and what to wear

What we explained at the beginning of this website – How to get started in Affiliate Marketing

Back to the ever popular health niche again. A great value yoga site

All the above Affiliate programs show you how to give good advice to hopefully win the confidence of your interested party and then to give them the opportunity make a purchase. To buy they would contacted the business you're presenting direct  and you would receive 50% (usually) of the profit.

Another Easy To Start Business That
Requires Little Start-up Money

Grating Cheese for Cash

I was in a pub one day when I was introduced to a guy who had a very posh expensive car outside – I mean – a really posh car.  Curiosity got the better of me and so I asked him what he did for a living to be driving such a beautiful car; you could have knocked me down with a feather when he told me.

He told me he buys big chunks of cheese, usually known as a truckle of cheese which is a cylindrical wheel of cheese, usually taller than it is wide, and sometimes described as barrel-shaped. He then grates it then weighs it into polythene bags and sells it into supermarkets where it is bought by people who like their cheeses ready to sprinkle on to sandwiches or salads. He also has many restaurants and snack bars as regular customers


Because he buys it in such large quantity he buys at vastly discounted prices and then after grating adds his percentage onto the selling price to make a very nice profit.

When you think about it it make a lot of sense to buy your cheese ready grated.

To drum up the business I would look up supermarkets, restaurants, sandwich making companies and get on the telephone. You have the whole of your country to work on.

I mean look how easy it is to peel a potato and make chips and yet now all the supermarkets are selling them ready chipped and ready for the frying pan.  When you think of it –  a potato is simply a potato but with cheese, there is about 1800 different varieties which means you would have a massive variety to offer your potential customers and if you presented the available variety properly sale should be easy.

 With grated cheese in such a vast variety of different tastes one can create so many more recipes and you can mix them between various spices to make some absolutely unbelievable delicious additives. For example there's nothing wrong with a little fresh basil, mozzarella, and tomato tossed in olive oil to top your favourite pasta. Fresh or dried, herbs are a delicious addition to your favourite cheese-based dishes. If you were to experiment a bit with these mixtures you could easily corner a market for yourself.  It's just a matter of educating your customers and their customers to potential available.

Some might experience trouble when grating cheeses like Cheddar, or Mammary Jack, or Mozzarella. Because the cheeses are not firm enough they might continuously break apart or clog the holes in your grater. A good idea to help stop this is to freeze your cheeses for about half an hour before grating and to coat the face of your grater with non-stick cooking spray.  Also only use the largest holes in your grater. Of course you will experience various problems with different cheeses but fundamentally what I have just told you is the way to go.

There are also various ways to grate your cheeses and a large variety of prices for the graters.  I prefer a method where I don't need to hold the chees and skin my knuckles and so would recommend a stainless steel Moulin which should cost you between £50 and £150 from Amazon.

This is a real inexpensive way to set yourself up in business and an easy one to get started;  all you need is — the cheese — poly bags — scales — and a means of grating big lumps of cheese.

You can't get into business much easier than that  —

Good luck,


If you would like to get FREE LESSONS on How to Work the Internet then click on the next link below.  No credit/debit card needed you you will not be disappointed.

And What About The Old Favourite

I know from personal experience how easy this business is to start up but then running it properly demands a special skill and due diligence.  If you look in Google for example you will see it is bursting with advertisements.House cleaning

If you decide to go down this route you have to be methodical; sit back and put a few essentials in order first.

1.You need to have a website to capture all the local business. It also would be a good idea to have a postcard printed with a good advertisement and call round all the local shops and pay to have them placed in the shop windows.  Also you would have to decide whether you are going to just specialise in office cleaning, houses or both.
2.Probably you will be using your home address and mobile phone.
3. You should have a good business card.
4. You want to have insurance in case you break any valuables
5. You need transportation
6. You need to buy in all the cleaning bits and pieces – dusters-vacuum cleaner etc.
7. Make sure your staff have the proper attire. It would look so much more professional if all were dressed the same, preferentially showing your business name.
8. A leaflet explaining your business and showing your hourly rate.

Advertising with your own website and using postcards and placing them in shop windows should get you busy enough to get started.

As the potential clients contact you, you will have to arrange to visit their homes or offices to have a look at the work needed and to negotiate the days and hours of the work and agree a price per hour. You should have different prices depending upon the size of the jobs. To pull   the he larger office jobs you might have to work on a bit of a discount. With regards to houses you could also include a full laundry service – washing and ironing – or start it up as a separate business such as many people do.

When pricing up an hourly rate you have to take into consideration the fact that you will eventually step back from doing the cleaning personally to employing your own cleaner so better to start off with this in mind.

For this reason with regards to how much you will have to charge you have to take into consideration that eventually you will stop doing the cleaning personally and take on the sole role of employer and so the hourly rate you will have to charge will be  for your cleaner and a payment for yourself.  For example, in the UK you could charge the client £15 per hour; £10 for your cleaner and £5 for yourself.

Make sure when you just start, keep your cleaning jobs as near to each other as possible to minimise travel time and for economy.

It would be a good idea to prepare a mini- contract for each job. After negotiating with your client you could simply fill in the hours, the days and the hourly rates for each job. Also an invoice which you could submit to the client at the end of each week would be a good idea.

Any problems give me a call.

UK 07738 095398

Email –

Good luck

Tricky Tommy

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Now I'm  Going to Tell you About
a Few More Easy to Start Businesses

The first one is so easy to start and remember to  take the money in before you send the goods out. This is all about establishing your own personalised mug business with an outlay of a few dollars for the inside information.  I mean you could start up this kind of business without buying someone else's experiences – but – the information up front is well worth the money.