Getting Started with Business on the Internet

Getting started with business on the internet is just about the hardest part of what you have to suffer. It's not easy and it takes a lot of perseverance. This video is about the experiences of a chap who has been earning from the internet for quite some time now. He is typical of many others who are earning good money from internet trading and I would like to emphasize that he has abolutely nothing to gain from not telling the truth. Perhaps you have listened to a few of these and read what a lot of people have to say. What I have picked up on is that they all seem to have trouble getting started, finding the tempo and so they try and fail and try again and perhaps fail again; you just have to stick with it and

and continually tweak what you have until it works. I was reading yesterday about a person who was trying to sell something on the internet. He’d written some descriptive words and they did nothing and he changed the wording about 10 times … still nothing. He was telling his friend about it and his friend casually wrote a few words down and asked him to try them. When he went to his computer the next day he was amazed to find that during the night he had earned about $5,000. So there you have it … don’t give in. It’s almost like prospecting for diamonds or gold, you know it’s out there but where.

I take great attention to the fact that I was told that every mega millionaire who works on the internet “had to be initially shown what to do”. So perhaps, if yu haven’t got a tutor you ought to find one.  Better to chose one who’s done it … became a millionaire from the internet rather than one just teaching the theory. Yes … better one who’s been there … done that … and got the T Shirt.

There are a great number of tutors available but I reckon I am with the best in the world and you can join them and learn with them abslutely free of charge. I mean it … absolutely no charge as you are taught to build your own websites and a good number of other things as well. They have thousands of students from all across the world and they all converse on the forum they have, so if you have any questons about bits you don’t understand all you have to do is ask. Click here to have a look at them.

If ever I can help … then I’d love to here from yu.

Tommy Stuart


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