SEO Made Easy

SEO Made Easy


Business Owners … This is the very best internet business offer you will ever receive … that is if you have a website because we will give you free SEO lessons which you will really need if you are to promote your website.

If you are a business person then in all probability you will have a website. If you haven't then you ought to seriously consider getting one. Either way this information will save you a fortune … and as a business person it is something you should know. Whether you have a website now or later you should know that the most important aspect of having one is having it popularized … otherwise known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)and if you can't do it yourself it will cost you a fortune to have someone do it for you.

The internet tuition course I am going to tell you about will amongst other things teach you how to carry out your own SEO moreover you can commence with this course absolutely free of charge for as long as it takes for you to see how good the tuition course is and then become a permanent student for as little as £29 per month.

Let's consider first that you don't have a website and you intent to have one created. You will then incur the following expenses.

1. You will have to purchase a domain. The cost of this is quite cheap and should only be about £10 per year … You never totally own a domain but as long as you keep paying the annual fee, it's yours for as long as you wish.

2. You will now need to find someone to create your website and this will set you back anything from £800.00 upwards. Usually whoever does it for you will want half up front and the balance on completion.

3. Now you will incur the expense of having to pay for a server, otherwise known as a host; this will effectively be the home for your domain. So whoever builds your website will connect it to your domain and place it with a host … it’s home … where it will stay and come out only whenever anyone calls it by writing the domain name you gave it in the address bar of any computer.

4. The last expense you should have to pay for is to have your website promoted to try and get it onto the first page of all the pages that appear when anyone types into a search engine looking for whatever you're selling … or service you are providing. You have to remember there will be a great number of people with websites offering exactly the same commodity or service as yours. Promoting a website is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once you have created your website and launched it onto the Internet can be likened to planting a billboard in the middle of the Sahara Desert; it will never be seen unless you have it promoted … and this can be your biggest expense of all. The cost! …. … Probably in the region of a number of thousands of pounds.

So there you have it … The total cost of having your website created and launched onto the Internet and very meticulously promoted will cost you something in the region of £5000 … Give or take a thousand.

Now for the good news ….

I’m going to show you how you can save the vast majority of the above expense.

Not only are you going to save yourself a lot of money but you will be sure the job has been done properly. This is very important because when you employ a person to work on your website … particularly with regards to promoting it … this is a service that you will pay dearly for and you quite often cannot see the work they are billing you for.

There's an organisation in Canada called the Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU)and I genuinely cannot understand how they can give you the tuition which they deliver for such a low price and give you free trial to show you what good quality you will be getting… they will give you free SEO lessons and a bit of everything else and if you decide to become a permanent student they will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to become a success in the internet.

For the paltry amount of £29 per month … I repeat … £29 per month they will teach you absolutely everything to know in the internet … everything! Not only will you save yourself a lot of money but you will have the knowledge, which you didn't have before, as to how everything comes together and in fact what makes the Internet tick and in particular they will teach you search engine optimisation.

What do you get for your monthly £29.

1. They teach you where to go to get your domain at the right price. Moreover they educate you as to what type of domain to go for to later help in promoting the finished website.

2. They show you how to build your own website, which is great fun.

3. You are allowed to host your finished websites on their server at no extra cost. Not only that but as many websites as you wish … still no extra cost … a big saving … so instead of having one website promoting your business you can have 2 … or 3 … or 4 … we all know that the more websites you have the more often you’ll be seen, but I must admit that if you do one properly then that should suffice.

4. Then they teach you how to promote your website in the best possible ways, saving yourself an absolute fortune, more importantly you know the job has been done properly. The main problem with using a company or a person to promote your website is it costs a lot of money and you never know if you're getting value for it. Before I took this course myself, my wife and I have a website which needed promoting, it costs us £7000 for a period of about four months and we had to pay the money in this instance upfront and I'm sorry to write we did not receive any new business. So it makes me think … was the SEO done properly.

So there you have it … take the time to learn how to attend to all your company's Internet business and be all the wiser for it … even if in the end you don’t intend to build or promote your own website … at least you’ll know what you’re talking about when commissioning someone to do the job … and more importantly they’ll know that you know what your talking about … all this for the absolutely silly price of £29 per month – but only if you decide to join after taking advantage of their FREE TO JOIN offer, whereas you can commence to learn immediately without putting up a penny and only after being able to SEE the quality of the tuition make your mind up to be a more permanent student for only £29 per month. I would like to add here that with the tuition they would give you. you would be earning way above the tuition costs after only 3 months.

Tommy Stuart

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