The Joy of Catching a Fish


Make your fishing experience a lot better,
 then sell it to the novices 

 Anyone who enjoys being out doors whilst trying their hand at fishing
will gain lots of expert knowledge whilst reading this guide which
encompasses fishing in its entirety.

Just about everything you really need to know is printed herein.

  1. Learn what you should wear

  2. The fishing gear you need

  3. From where to buy it

  4. How much you should pay

  5. Learn about rods and which are best for the job.

  6. What bait – Hook and sinker

  7. And where to go for what you want to catch


Read here all about what you ought to know
And a bit more


What is it that captures the imagination of most little boys and girls

that takes them to the nearest stretch of water where they will just

have to have a try at catching a fish – beginning with a fishing

net on the end of a bamboo cane and sometimes going on to the

real thing when what you catch you can take home for dinner.

If you fancy yourself as a fisherman

then you will just have to have this 

Everything you really should know about fishing

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 Tools of the trade

You have to know what is the correct equipment and how and when to use it properly. No point in going out into the wilderness and finding you can’t do the job properly.

Knowledge of all the basics is very necessary. The rods, reels, hooks, weights, sensors, lures nets, and you have to make sure you wear the right clothing. You have to keep warm and so wear a vest and remember a good percentage of you heat goes out from you head – so wear a hat.

 As a highly participating and appealing sport, bass fishing is simply almost unmatched in absolute pleasure. From the sheer pleasure of being in quiet streams, tranquil lakes to open sea and rushing rivers – there is something there for everyone.

Anyone looking for  tips about fishing and the right equipment for the job will most definitely find it right here.


Tranquility and Peaceful Anticipation