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I have been associated in my past with single parents hence my knowledge of their hardship. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that they are generally strapped for cash and I have to write that if they learned about the Wealthy Affiliate University they could also learn to earn money online and their financial worries would disappear; they would have great pleasure working from home.

Usually it’s young women who are tied to the home because of the baby or babies, which because of a severe shortage of money and the ever stretching costly housing ladder, is invariably a rented flat. Now and again; I must mention, we will occasionally come across a single dad too.
J K Rowling
There is a very famous world known person who once upon a time was a single parent … J K Rowling. After separating from her Portuguese husband she went to live in Scotland to be near her sister. She has made no secret of the fact that whilst there she was so destitute she would go and sit in cafes just for the sake of keeping her baby warm and whilst there she was writing her first Harry Potter book. She has admitted that the thought of committing suicide did cross her mind but that she had a comprehensive and introspective look at herself which brought her to accepting within her heart the stark understanding and realisation that she was at rock bottom. All she had was her beloved daughter and her unfinished book.

Now that she fully understood where she was with her life she just had to get the book finished and if it was a successful venture, that would be wonderful … and if it wasn't … now it didn't matter … because she now accepted herself for what she could now perceive in reality,  she just had to get the book finished and perhaps bring about the rebuilding of her life.

Isn’t that quite fantastic; being as she was in Scotland there are some very famous words that were written by Robert Burns that might have depicted her predicament which when translated from old Scottish mean:-

“Oh that god the gift would give us
To see ourselves as others see us.”

Well god was indeed most kind to her for he gave her the gift to see herself as she really was and it strengthened her will and inspired her on to finish her first book and she is now worth £560 million.

J K Rowling had her book to insulate her from her feelings of despair and poverty and she must have spent her entire spare time writing it, never in a million years thinking what she was going to bring about.

Now I’m not going to ask you to write a book, but I can introduce you to a way you can possibly follow in the steps of our famous single parent. If you take me up on what I’m going to offer you it will create a challenge for yourself … just like J K Rowling gave herself with the finishing of her book … it will, if you stick with it, bring in plenty of cash, so help you on a week to week basis, and if you work at it, it might even make you a millionaire; I don’t think you’ll get to the £560Million, but then life is strange with its twists and turns. Another thing is I'll give you some free lessons so as you know what you're getting into if you decide to join me.

We mere mortals don’t know precisely where we’re going when we take that first step … do we? … and it’s the hardest step of all to take. I hope you will take it with me , if you do I promise it will not be long before you begin to earn money online.wizard

What can one become involved in where one can at a very early age become a millionaire in the shortest time possible? Correct first time! The internet; where so many have already been created.
But first you have to learn to find your way around the internet and once you enter Cyberspace (nana nana, nana nana … that’s supposed to be weird scary music.) the best people I know who can show you around and teach you is The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU).

I want to spare you  the disappointments I had to endure fighting my way through all the internet scammers whilst trying to find a decent organization that would teach me all I had to know to establish myself in business within the internet.

When I came upon WAU it was like finding an oasis in the desert. Firstly they are honest, they genuinely care for your success, so much so that if you come across any difficult bits in their tutorial they; the main tutors, will take you on a 1-2-1 discussion until you fully understand what you’re doing. There also exists a forum brimming with other students from all corners of the world queuing up to help anyone in need. With all of them behind you to earn money online is not too difficult.

Then there are the internet tools. Every tool that you would need to do anything you want within the internet … and more, and the bit I like the best is the weekly live webinars. These are recorded so you can play them back at any time, stopping at bits where you want to make notes, before proceeding onwards.

The teaching you will receive from the WAU will prepare you to fully understand the workings of the internet and allow you to carry out any kind of business you wish thereafter. Believe me when I write that it is fully comprehensible and you can be as expert as you wish; there are no boundaries to what you can achieve and what you can earn, and another nice aspect is the cost because if you’re a single parent you will not have much spare cash. A course such as this could never come much cheaper than £29.00 per month … crazy and true … and you should be earning more than enough from your internet tuition to cover your tuition fees after the third month, so thereafter it's free and to show you how fantastic it is I'm going to give you the first few lessons absolutely free of charge and with no conditions

No need to leave the baby in a nursery any more, no need to go out to any more part time jobs, for now we have a direction to take … a challenge to achieve … and a vocation for life that can be run from any country in the world because all the work you will do when experienced is in Cyberspace which can be accessed within your computer in New York or Hong Hong or San Francisco … anywhere … and when you need money you visit the nearest “hole in the wall.”

What are you waiting for …………….. take your free lessons (click here)

Tommy Stuart


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