Building Websites

To take and understand a course about building websites is easier than you think. All it takes is about is about 4 months training and you will be earning wages out of it and thereafter the more you learn the more you will be able to earn with other internet opportunities opening up for you.

One thing clear … If you work for a boss you will never … not ever … become wealthy … not unless you win the lottery; I wouldn't want to go all the way through my life working like a slave for a boss and neither should you.

I continuously receive emails from people who are totally disillusioned with their lives. You cannot go through your life “waiting” to become wealthy, because 99.99% of the time it’s just not going to happen.  Unless you're one of those few wealthy bankers who seem able to pay themselves any amount of money they please, then wealth and all the trimmings as an employee are just not going to happen and in those circumstances you would be permanently living in total disillusionment.

They say “We are what we eat.” This also seems to be true, to a great extent with success in life. I mean, if you climb out of bed every day and do a day's work for a boss and if he sacks you and you go out and find another boss, then it's probably safe to say you will live your life, and die, and the sum total of your life's work will be part of the remaining last wage you collected.

Many of us go through our school days just messing about and never taking our schooling seriously … until it's too late. Then when we've matured enough, we realize where we're at with our lives, we now know that had we studied as we ought to have, then we could be living in a bigger house … driving bigger cars and generally enjoy a more affluent life style, and even if you ended up working for a boss, education is important because the bosses always want the more successful academics as their slaves and grade them downwards from university graduates to those with no qualifications, lowering the positions within their businesses to less financial reward … with this fact in mind I have to write that “life for the majority of slaves sucks.”

I mean for example my father worked for a living all his life; he lived and died and really did nothing. He never owned a car and what little bit of jewelry he owned and all his decent clothes where kept mainly in the local pawnshop … they came out on Fridays when he got paid and went back in on Mondays after the weekend, and all his money was spent around the various beer houses in the city where we lived.

Maybe you set your sights on a vocation that you’re now involved in … and hate it! Maybe you became a dentist and dread going to work every day to be working inside people’s mouths from morning 'till going home time, having conversations with people who cannot talk back … and you want out.  A good living, but I suppose the only exciting thing about being a dentist would be having a mask over your face as you take your patient's money?

So … I’m going to offer all the disillusioned people who read this a chance to become involved in a world that is bursting with excitement, where you can really push your imagination to the limits and where you can achieve your wildest dreams, all possible building websites and learning all about the internet and because I know that you tutors are the very best in the world I will give you some free lessons if you click here.

There are various educational courses offered within the Internet, where you can learn to become an internet marketer. I am presently involved in one which is owned by two young men who built it from scratch and who are now proclaimed by others as being millionaires; whether they are or not is of no real significance other than the fact that they at least do seem to have a very good business and lifestyle. They individually stand as proof to what you can achieve if you try for business success within the internet. I mean there is nothing super special about these guys other than they chose to be self-employed and that they decided to use the internet in which to make a living and they had to start … from scratch and they made a success of it … and so can you!

The name of my tutor is The Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU); in Canada and I can honestly say it is my opinion that they are the best in the world … I repeat … the best in the world … giving the best value. I mean $47 per month (£29.00) is so inexpensive I cannot see how they can trade and make a profit. They also give you commission on any people you get to join and so when you find just 2 of your friends to join your course thereafter costs you nothing.

I have a treat for you … to prove that what I am telling you is the truth the whole truth … I am going to give you some free tuition … absolutely free of any charge or condition … and if after you join you’re not happy you can stop anytime you like. Now is that fair or is that fair!

What qualifications do you need to join the Wealthy Affiliate University and become an internet marketer?

 Let me assure you that you do not need any academic educational qualifications to become involved … absolutely nothing.

 Secondly you do not need to be computer literate. It will help if you are, then things will happen a bit faster, but you can learn from scratch.

 You do not have to give up what you are currently working at … you can start learning how to be an internet marketer with a course which you can run alongside whatever you are presently working at and you can work as fast or as slow as you like.

Like I have already written this course costs peanuts for the value they give you … I mean for example, they teach you about building websites and then they allow you to host as many websites as you like on their server, so much so that if I was to use an organisation just to host my websites it would cost me more than the total cost of my course … great value.

When you add on to that the internet tools that they allow you to use … the 1-2-1 real time coaching you can have if you get stuck … live tutorial once each week on the internet … and to be a member of the best forum in the internet where you can interact with fellow students from every corner of the world … it makes you wonder how the owners can make a profit.

But they're not the only Internet tuition course offered on the Internet … but  have a look around and see if you agree with me that this one is the very best on offer.

On this course you will be taught absolutely everything you will ever need to know to succeed as an internet marketer … nothing is left out and here's the best bit … after you have finished your tuition you can travel to any part of the world and carry on your work there because you now work in Cyberspace and Cyberspace is in your laptop (computer). When you want to draw some money down for the work you have done you just go to the nearest “hole in the wall.”
Believe me … working in Cyberspace is the way to go for gooooood living and a genuine chance to become a millionaire.

Come and join me … or ring or email me for a chat and start on that dream. I mean life's so short … you gotta have a dream

0161 4840383 … Don't forget your free trial

Tommy Stuart