A Young Internet Millionaire

How do you know you are going to become a young internet millionaire?

You don't!  You have to look at the number of kids that have done it … that is became millionaires and then you have to realise that it can happen to anyone …  just by creating an internet program and to do that you have to learn what the internet is all about.

There are a good number of young millionaires who became successful through the internet and they had absolutely no idea it was going to happen to them, when they took that first faltering step; so why can it  not be you! In any case … You can join up on a free test run  and have a good look around inside, so what have you got to lose by giving it a try?

Living in Detroit at the tender age of 14 Ashley Qualls didn't know that she was going to become a young internet millionaire when she started out by taking a course on how to build websites; she launched her website “what ever life” using a personal portfolio and her own pictures and graphics.
Fundamentally the idea was that she offered free tutorials to teens who wanted to learn how to create their own absolute graphics.

Approximately 2 years later rumour has it that she was offered $1.5 million which she turned down. She is still running her own business which has to be in the $3 million bracket now.
Bearing in mind these people started off just as you can … all you have to do is buy a ticket … do it! … Try it ! … but do something. Click here for a FREE START-UP … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

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