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I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September of 2011.  Then my knowledge of how to trade – work – or do any thing on the internet was absolutely zilch.

There are various reasons why I'm still here with Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

  1. They are fabulous for teaching and they keep everything very much up to date; so if any thing new comes out on the internet I can be sure I'll get it.
  2. I can keep this  —  and many more  —  websites on their server free of charge and I consider that great value because without them I would have to pay for a server anyway. This way I have the facility of a server – and lessons.
  3. I now earn some decent commissions enough to pay for my annual membership  —   so it's free.
  4. It is without any doubt the very best training school on the Internet  —  the fairest and the most honest without any doubt.  Click here to join for free.

Is it REALLY FREE?  There is a way you can check that out. For example  —  If I feel like buying anything off the internet I usually check out the name of the person whose selling it and run a “scam test” on them. It usually only takes one dissatisfied customer to write a story about you and if you really are a rogue then there's bound to be a story about you.  Do a test on Wealthy Affiliate  —  you'll find nothing but praise  —  except you will get the occasional person will write something like “Is The Wealthy Affiliate a Scam” But that's only to get your attention; read it and and you will see it quickly turn into praise.  I mean where else can you join an organization that will let you have a domain – a server where you can keep the website they will teach you to build  –  and allow you to join a forum of similar students from all around the world that you can talk to who will help you with all your problem.  Also what about the fact that they will train you to become an affiliate and then give you a very handsome commission to use that expertise telling other people the truth about your membership and your success and getting Be an Internet Entrepreneurthem to join. You can remain a free member for a long as you want but once you have been taught so much you will want to learn more complicated things about the internet and then you would have to pay; but like I have already written by then you will have brought a few people on board that will more than pay for your membership.

If I had spent all my time studying with The Wealthy Affiliate I would no doubt be a total expert by now but I committed the internet sin that most of us on liners do and went off exploring  —  looking for the quick million and falling for a lot of false promises. In fact I reckon in past 6 years I have thrown away about about £10,000 and I'm still looking for the mother lode … though pardon me if I write  —  I feel very close to it now  — we'll see!

So with all the mistakes I have made I can hopefully stop you from falling for the same tricks. I'm not expert enough to train you but all the wisdom I will impart will be free of any charge and all I want in exchange is your friendship. I'm sure there are a few shortcuts I can tell you about.

So where do you start?  —   Use up your free membership with WA.  —    Familiarize yourself withe online work and the Internet and get to know what you will be letting yourself into  —   and then build your first website.

When you have had enough freebies and are ready to stretch your wings a bit I would purchase my own domain.  Now you will have noticed that I have used one as close to WA as  possible www.twicelucky.com  —  a big mistake!  I thought if I'm going to promote WA and if my website was very similar to WA's then Google would find mine much easier. No chance!  Further more I hyphenated my domain  —  don't do that. You definitely want a .com and you want the domain to be as snappy and short as possible  —  easy to remember. Look at how ridiculous the 2 biggest names on the Internet are  —  Yahoo.com – Google.com.  Crazy what?  Like I say use .com  —   keep it short and don't worry about how silly the name is. Oh! I might just add with hindsight  —  before you start to build your website sit down in a quiet corner somewhere and have a long think about what you would like to base you website on  —  what niche you should go for. Make it something that you enjoy and have good knowledge on.  I will continue tomorrow ….


I have already explained what type of domain to go for however I omitted to write where to purchase it and why. I have bought a lot of my domains from www.godaddy.com but it might be easier and just about the same price to buy it from WA; the reason for that is this  — When you purchase a domain it has to be given an address  – a place where it belongs  —  commonly know as a server and all servers have an address name  —  or to be precise a “name-server” for example the nameserver for WA isWebsite Promotion



If you buy your domain from www.godaddy.com  you will have to feed that information to them and they would then send your new domain to the WA server where it will be hosted.  However if you purchased you new domain from WA you wouldn't need to do that because it is generated on their server and therefore is already there and doen't need mover to there.

RIGHT  —  Now that we have the domain all we have to do is click on “RUBIX” and WA will show you how to build your own personal website.

There are a lot of things you will have to do to your website to get Google to promote it  —   the basic idea is to get your website to be the first to show when anyone types a question into a search engine.  This procedure is usually known as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  For example, let's say your website was all about Garden Furniture.  The idea would be for your domain about Garden Furniture to be the first to appear in whatever search engine is used by an inquisitor in answer to a request for garden furniture information  —  not easy to achieve.

The Money Is In The List

A “List” is the accumulation of names and domains you collect from people who contact you in answer to your various advertising campaigns and I cannot place enough importance on this. If you want to sell or trade with people on the internet then you have to have a list  —  usually in the 1000's  and to accumulate such a large list can be a work of art  —  hence the expression above “The Money Is In The List” meaning if you want Internet Marketingto make money you need the list.

This is where you will find many con men telling you that they have the perfect system for generating such a list in the fastest way ever and at the cheapest price  —  so be on guard.

To build a list you want to have what they call an auto-res ponder (automatically responding system)  —  meaning a method of adding and saving names and email addresses to a list whereby on the first day when you add a new email and name to your list  a pre-written email is automatically sent out to that person telling what service you are offering, or what you are selling  —  then two days later another pre-written email is sent out and two days after that another  — repeated for as long as you like. All the time telling them about what your selling or what service you can provide.  The other benefit is that when you have,  say about 3000 emails and names you can contact them all with an email with just one click. It is said that if you want to sell to your list then you should regularly send out emails letting your list get to know and trust you the reason being if they trust you they will be more inclined to part with their money and buy from you.

The auto-responder I use is  —  Aweber.

Click on here to see what they have to offer

There are many ways to build your list and get your message out to the public. The favorite way of course is to do such a good job with the SEO of your website that you have a lot of visitors and they join you from there.  I was never that fortunate and so have had to do it the hard way.

Solo Ads  —  this is where you are paying someone who has a list who will send out your email to his people and they will respond to you direct.  You have to try and find someone who can be trusted because you can so easily get ripped off which is why I have never used this service  ….  Tomorrow I will write about PPC.

PPC  —  Pay Per Click

There are various PPC companies, the most popular of which are Bing Ads and Google Ads.  Bing Ads includes Yahoo and Google which is the biggest is by far the most expensive also  —  I use Bing because it suits my budget.

Basically what I do is advertise on Bing's website. I put out a small advertisement telling people in just 2 lines what I have to offer and hope that people will click on my advert and be taken to my website for further information.  Only being allowed 2 lines for advertising means of course that you have to be as precise and as tempting as possible to make people prefer to click your advert in preference to an others.

Let me give you an example  —  If you went into a search engine to buy some red roses you would write into the search engines index “Red Roses”  You would then be taken to a page where everybody who is selling red roses are advertising. You will be taken to page one and there might be about Five pages of red rose advertisements. This means that the person at the top of the page who has the first position on page one has the best chance of picking up the most business  —  then the third person listed  —  then the fourth  —  and so on down the page and on to the next page.  This generates a competition to get onto page one and if possible be in  the first position and for that privilege Bing organizes a bidding system which is that the person who is prepared to pay the most to Bing for a customer to click on their advertisement gets the better position on the page.  For example you might offer Bing $1 per click and I offer $0.30.  The result would probably be that you would be on page One in position one two or three and I would probably end up somewhere on page three.  When you have prepared your advertisement and the time has com to set how much you are prepared to pay for your clicks it is always better to start off low and increase as necessary. One thing you have to understand is that a person can click on your ad and then not bother tp go into it to read what you are offering  —  you still have to pay for the click.

Setting Where You Want To Advertise

When I first started using Bing I decided I wanted to advertise throughout the world and later found it to be a big mistake and a waste of my money. This was because I got a lot of replies from Pakistan and India also a lot from The Philippines.  A lot of them wrote in pigeon English and many were simply begging emails. I wasted $1000 before I realized the mistake I was making and then changed the countries I advertise in to America  —  Canada  —  Ireland  —  United Kingdom  —  Australia and New Zealand. You would be wise to do the same.

Keywords and How To Use Them

Keywords can be a single word or a few words (Long tailed keywords) and they are used to attract what a person is searching for in a search engine and hopefully take the person's search to your small advertisement on whatever page your ad is placed. For example lets say you are advertising a course on “How to Do Online Business”.  You could use key words like  —  business  —  online  —  online business  —  work from home  —  working on the Internet  —   and a good many more.  If the person doing the search uses any of these keywords chances are he will be take to your advertisement.

When I was preparing my first PPC advertisement I sat down and started thinking what keywords I could use and wrote down about 50.  I didn't get much reaction from my advert and read about a guy who was receiving remarkable results with his PPC adverts.  I had to pay him $200 for him to give me a report on what I could do to have better results.  The main issue was there are Keyword programs available that can concoct the keywords for you  —  and what a difference. Where I had placed 50 and I thought the only keywords available for my advertisement I ended up with 2000.  It doesn't matter to the cost of the advertisement how many keywords you use so use as many as possible and us a keyword program to find them.  You'll find there are a good many pretty awful keywords put forward  —  just wheedle them out.

Match Type For Keywords

“Match Type” is a crazy idea that is supposed to determine the link between the keyword you are using and what it is in fact you are searching for. You are requested by Bing and Google to give each keyword you use a “Match Type”There are 3 types of matches. “Broad”  —  “Phrase” and  “Exact” and I will endeavour to explain the difference. A keyword can have any of the 3 match types and thus be 3 separate searches and can be at bid amounts.

The main reason for this is that you can show your ad more broadly which can impact you return of investment. For example  … finding the right balance between conversions and impressions can help maximize the ROI of your campaign. For example . . .


If you keyword is “Red Flowers” related searches like — flowers  — pink flowers  —  blue flowers   — red dandelions might trigger you search. So the result is that if there is a close variation it will activate the search.


What triggers this Match Type”?  This would look for all of the words in your keyword (or any very close variations) even if other words are present in that query.

Example: If your keyword is “red flower”, searches for big red flower and red flower dresses will trigger your ad, but yellow flower and red aromatic flower won't.

The last one is “Exact” If your keyword is [red flower], only searches for red flower will trigger your ad.

There is in fact one last Match Type which is as follows  —

What triggers your ad: Search queries that do not trigger your ad. Negative keywords can be exact or phrase matches.

Example: If you have a keyword “flower” and a negative keyword “red,” searches for red flower won't trigger your ad, but searches for yellow flower will.

There isn't much more for you to know about with regards to using PPC other than you should monitor it every day making adjustment when necessary.

Good Luck

Tommy Stuart

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