Old In Years And Young In Heart
Your Never Too Old.
Come Work With Us On The Internet – It’s FREE TO LEARN!

When we are retired we are written off  – pensioned off – by many employers

When in fact we are still bursting with energy.

Always remember – You’re Never Too Old.

The loss of our

full time wage can create a lot of financial problems;

particularly if we discover that

our pension does not cover all our expenses

Perhaps Your Mortgage Is Not Fully Paid Up


1.The car payments are still to be accounted for.
2.You Can’t Afford Holidays Anymore.
3.You Want To Work And Believe Online Trading Is The Way To Go.
4.But You Have No Experience And  ………. No Money!


Online Trading is definitely one of the ways to go  —  and  —  it makes good sense for a number of reasons  —

In my own personal opinion — which most probably will not be the same as everyone else’s — I would never go out with my cap in my hand begging for partime work, probably offered at a fraction of the hourly rate I was accustomed to earning when I was fully fit and younger. I would rather get involved with this website   —  and work with them.

I would delve into the internet – because – it’s definitely the future and where all businesses seem to be going anyway. Also it’s not like the olden days when you would open up a shop and rely on passing trade  —  Now you are dealing within the WORLD WIDE WEB and in it your business NEVER CLOSES – where you can trade —   without any staff and overhead expenses.  — 

You can now set up your own business earning you more money in one month than you previously earned in one year.

So what are “we” going to do ?

Learn to work the Internet!

 No need to worry any more. You can sit by an open window at home nice and relaxed overlooking your garden whilst working on your computer


and earn in one month what you previously took home in one year.  

Firstly let me mention this — if you are not familiar with computers I’m sure if you contact your local council they will tell you where you can have lessons 

Usually they are free of charge and they really are very easy to learn. Alternatively if you are not sure what to do then I want you to contact me and I will help you get that small problem sorted.

After you have had your lessons on the basic use of the computer you will have to learn how to work within the internet (online). How to copy and paste and again let me assure you it is definitely not rocket science.

You can if you like commence your lessons – here –  absolutely free of charge – I really mean it.


If you feel that you’d rather start a small business near where you live I will have some ideas for you as to how to get started with as little expense as possible giving you 2 routes from which to choose

  1. Now you  can commence a business that requires very little money.
  2. Or take some lessons on how to get up some steam on the Internet and earn about $300 per day.

I know what I would choose !!!

We can in a way help each other – All of us I mean. 

I mean, it doesn’t matter if you just take ideas from here and give nothing back, or take nothing but give ideas . . .

If you have a good business idea that doesn’t cost a lot to set up and possibly one of our friends can become involved and earn some money, then share it  —  Please send all you ideas to me and I’ll write them into this website  —  and god will smile on you for helping others.

Share with us  and perhaps help someone out who might be sitting alone somewhere wondering what to do to create a better life for themselves.

It’s a big world so I’m sure you wont be making competition for yourself.

When I write “business ideas” I don’t mean ideas that are specifically related to working on a computer; they can be any business idea, preferably ideas that don’t rely on a lot of physical energy  —  or cash!

Special message :- If anyone is sat at home depressed, not knowing how to get out of their misery please, please get in touch. My friends and I will help you all we can to lift the depression and get you started into a happier more productive life. We will endeavour to give you a very good reason to  welcome every future day and go on to a happier energetic and financial productive life.



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Tommy Stuart

P.S.  If you would like to have a chat with me or need any advice, please get in touch. 

I will commence my Internet training lessons on another page shortly – look out for it!

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